Tuesday, 16 May 2017


As we slowly return to our normal routine today we had a WLB day with Lou and H.  John and H were going to watch Cyprus playing rugby down in Paphos against Croatia and Lou and I were going to investigate the shops.  We have now realised why the boys were so happy to let us loose with some retail therapy (a) we did not have enough time to hit the Mall and (b) most other shops seem to be closed on a Saturday afternoon.  We did, however, take a look in Dominate which is near the rugby ground and were quite impressed by what they had - some nice stuff and reasonably priced but not what Lou was looking for.

We did our best to try and boost the economy but failed miserably as Corso Shoes was shut or even closed permanently if the huge chain on the door was anything to go and that funny clothes shop which is off the Butcher Boy Road.

We cut our losses and collected the boys who had watched a Cyprus defeat and made our way back to Kathikas where we stopped for a drink in Rachel and Savvas's new venture.  I am still unconvinced as to why a key is needed for the Ladies toilet and not for the gents but hey ho if it means the loo is clean and tidy I am not going to complain.

We moved on from there to the Pizza Box - happy that even though the prices have gone up a bit it is still open and manned by the easy on the eye and extremely personable Paris who reminds Lou and I of Harry Styles from One Direction.  He is clearly the owners son and is charming and makes a fine pizza.

It was a lovely afternoon and evening and not a late one either which was good for Lou and H as they had been working in the morning or for me as my body clock is still struggling somewhere with a time-zone which is not anything like it should be.  Either that or John reckons I was bitten by a tsetse fly whilst I was away.

Text message on our way home from Lou thinking she had forgotten her doggy bag for her doggies but Middy managed to sniff out the pizza leftovers!  You can always count on her!

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