Tuesday, 6 June 2017

A big Sunday in every respect...

So after all my posts about our lovely day out to Kato Pyrgos I am down to earth with a bump although not as big a bump as my lovely Godmother Janet experienced on her return to the UK.  Sadly she tripped over and fell flat on her face which she has rearranged and it will be several days until the hospital is able to sort out her flattened nose.

At times like this I turn to Bunches.co.uk and trust them to deliver something to cheer a loved one up.  I chose to send Janet a purple azalea planted in a metal teacup which they will send out with a box of chocolates.

I have tried to Skype her tonight but failed - Mum spoke to her earlier today and she is battered and bruised but unbended - bless her she will bounce back I am sure but it is always a worry when you hear that someone in their 80s has had a fall because sometimes they just never recover and if they do they are changed in some way.  I have everything crossed that she will make a speedy and complete recovery because she had such a fabulous holiday and was talking about returning.

We have new cushions in the conservatory.  I keep an eye on the auctions which are held for the Tala Monastery Cats and the items are available from the shop where my Mum works so it is easy if I am successful.  Last week it was cat cushions - John was unconvinced but I love them and they look fabulous in the new tub chairs.

We had a busy day - I spent my time in the garden getting ready for Jordan and Abi's forthcoming visit.  What with the clean up yesterday and the gardening I am suffering with a million aches and pains!!!

I gave up after I had given all the herbs in the front garden a damn good haircut and then left John to watch the Grand Prix and went down to Polis to do my shopping - en route I could see a massive vessel in Latchi.  It was apparently Europa 2 which we had seen a couple of days ago off the coast in Paphos.

I decided to take a detour around Latchi so I could see the boat and also check out the villa that Mick and Janice will be renting.  It was good to see that the villa was being rented out (I could see feet standing by the sunbeds and the sound of someone in the pool).  This is good - it has obviously been sorted ready for letting so should be fine for when the family come over.  It is a brilliant location and I think they are going to like being close to the bars and restaurants in Latchi even though they loved the peace and quiet when they stayed in Arodes last time.  I will get in contact with the owner now so that we can pay the balance and then it will be all systems go.

I did the weekly shop and then made my way back home for an hour or so before we went down to Mum and Dad's for our Sunday evening meal which was, in Mum's words, a disaster which didn't bode well - as it turned out if that was a disaster then I would have that every day of the week.  It was a nice pork dish with lovely little roastie potatoes and carrots and peas followed by apple strudel and custard.

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