Saturday, 24 June 2017

back to normal...

 I think we are experiencing 'empty nest syndrome' as the house seems very quiet and the pool is empty.  Our visitors text to say they got home safe and sound yesterday afternoon and that the temperature in the UK was 30 degrees!  They must have taken the sunshine home with them.  The cats are confused - no-one paying them extra attention!

I am lucky that I can get the bed changed, sheets washed, on the line and dried and straight back on the bed within an hour or so.  I didn't think they looked like they needed ironing, Mum would probably beg to differ but we have no visitors due to be staying until John's mum I think and that is in a couple of month's time so they will have been taken off and given a freshen up before then anyway.  I can see both Minnie and Charlie eyeing up the evacuated space - they will no doubt slip in there the minute our backs are turned.

It is Father's Day today and my turn to host Sunday Lunch but I had given Dad the option and he said he thought it might be nice to go out for Lunch so I had booked to go to The Farmyard in Kathikas.  This was before Mum looked like she had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and so we had decided to cancel as Mum really didn't want to be seen looking like she had been beaten up.  It was a good decision because since then her stitches had burst as she had an infection and then she seemed to have had an adverse reaction to the drugs which they have given her.

We decided to have lunch here and I kept it simple as in the hot weather neither mum nor dad eat a huge amount.   Lemon Chicken and salad with coleslaw and roast new potatoes with onion and rosemary followed by Apple Studel and cream.

We started the Father's Day celebrations with a pre-lunch drinkie - we have several bottles of Castelgy gin needing attention due to a fabulous offer in Lidl the other week which Dad shot off to take advantage of!

We began our regular game of Noms - playing half before lunch and resuming the second half after Dad has his customary snooze.

 Although it was quite windy today it was warm and was very pleasant sat under the gazebo by the kitchen.  This was our original gazebo.  The structure is still sound even though it has lost its original cover and the replacement construction made by John is slowly being decimated by the cats!!  In fact the blanket thrown over the top for additional shade is currently being utilised as a hammock for Mr Boo and his little fat backside is in danger of falling through the 'brown stuff' in underneath.

We had a nice few hours together before Mum and Dad made their way back to Emba safe and sound.  It was at this point that the irregular hours I have been keeping whilst the youngsters have been staying here started to take its toll.  There was nothing for it but to lie back on the sofa and check my eyelids for pinholes.  This worked well until Charlie hauled his bulk on top of my bladder!

Sleeping in the afternoon was a BIG mistake because I wasn't then tired when we turned in for the night.  Dad is off to the opticians tomorrow as his glasses disintegrated over the weekend and Mum is going to the hospital to get her face checked out.  Fingers crossed all goes well.

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