Thursday, 22 June 2017

It was Abi and Jordan's last full day and after a great deal of discussion last night they decided to forego the 'expensive' pleasure of a day at the water park for a trip on the Alkion Glass Bottom boat from Latchi to the Blue Lagoon.  The late night last night meant that they didn't make the morning sailing but set off when we set off for pickleball so they could grab a snack at the harbour before getting on the afternoon cruise.

We went to Emba for pickleball.  Mum didn't play today, her face has sort of erupted since her operation on Monday which is a shame as she looked so well on Tuesday.  Now she looks like she has gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and come off worst - I did feel sorry for her as she looked so uncomfortable with 'pockets' of sort of bruising under her eyes.

John is having problems with his leg/knee/ankle so decided not to push his luck and played pickleball but not badminton.  He, Diana and I went back to Mum and Dads for a cuppa before returning home.

The kids got back having had a great time on the boat - they said the sea was beautiful and the sand under their feet and the clear blue water was stunning.  They had taken snorkels so got a chance to have a look at the fish around the rocks there.  Jordan said it was a much better decision than a day at the water park so that was good.

We had arranged to go to Finikas in the village for a meze tonight and had asked Di and Rob to join us and I had been in last week and arranged that there would be fish for Jordan (although I had to smile that they also did him Halloumi but it was served on a plate with the wine soaked meat local port sausages!  fortunately he is happy to just take what he wants from the plate even if it has been mixed up a bit.  We had to sneak out from the house SAS style so that Charlie did not follow us.  Just outside the estate we have BigFoot and LittleFoot - they are now practically the same size and both now tethered which is better for everyone as LittleFoot isn't running around loose.  At the moment they both look to be in really good condition but there will have been plenty of grazing for them.

We had a cuddle with Bella en route - she is such a sweet dog that it is a shame that she insists on chasing cars and as a result has a badly broken back leg which has set itself incorrectly.  Fortunately she did not follow us into the village and join us at Finikas but remained rolling in the dust outside Luscious Lynda's with Lynda's own dog Fernleigh watching.  No doubt Lynda will give Bella a little treat as she does try and make Bella's life a little better.

We walked down through the village chatting to various people that we met including the Australian couple who come for about 4 months each year to their old family home.  In fact the old man who lived there was still alive when we first moved into Villa 10b.

I was feeling a little nervous about our meal last night, friends of Wendy and Bill had apparently eaten a meze there last night on Wendy's recommendation.  The friends are staying at the Droushia Heights for a couple of days.  Sadly they said their meal was terrible as it was all frozen which I have to say I found very hard to believe as we normally see Philippos in Paps shopping for fresh food if they know they have diners coming in and the meze doesn't really contain dishes that could have been frozen but people have different tastes and expectations.  We have never been disappointed when we eat there but we know a lot of people in the village who don't go in there for whatever reason.

I need not have worried as our meal was fabulous.  Jordan had a whole sea bream to himself part way through the feast and the eggs and courgette, chips, ravioli and bulgar wheat were well up to standard.
  This evening we also had extras of stifado and kleftiko along with the halloumi and loukanika, pork kebabs and sheftalia.  I prefer Joanna's stifado but each family seems to have their own pet recipe and kleftiko is not my favourite anyway so I didn't have any but there was more than enough food to go round.  It was lovely to be joined by Rob and Di who engaged the youngsters in lots of chat!

We decided to mooch down to the Hotel for a nightcap unaware that there was some sort of party/disco taking place around the poolside - the atmosphere was fabulous and the music brilliant so we ended up staying a lot longer than we had intended.  It was the perfect impromptu end to their holiday.  Early up tomorrow as they have to be at the airport for 11.25am.  The week has flown by.

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