Thursday, 1 June 2017

More about our day out...

We had such a fabulous day yesterday that I reckon I might well be able to make this into three posts! Rob took us up the coast right to the checkpoint where you an cross over onto the other side.  Here we turned round stopping to photograph some of the old houses which look to be derelict but maybe just old!

We came across a poor old donkey tied up at one of these houses - it did seem to have food and water so maybe it was ok, just hot and covered in flies.  We carried on driving to our lunch destination which was a place recommended by Rob and Di's friends Bob and Viv and which, if open, looked like it was going to be the only place that was.  We passed by tavernas, guest houses and hotels which all still seemed to be stuck in their winter slumbers.  Pyrgos really is the forgotten town of Cyprus - cut off because of the enclave so relatively inaccessible to mass tourism.  For some this has its own charm but it did seem sad that it was nearly June and nothing much was open.

Our lunch destination was down near the coast and as we drove down a tiny little lane we eventually got to our goal parking up next to the most magnificent old building which has probably stood for years but was now a shadow of its former self.  A fabulous photo opportunity but really a building which should be restored as these buildings will inevitably disappear in the not too distant future.

Our destination was The Grape by the Sea which was the most charming lunch venue I have been to in a very long time.  It was beautiful in a kind of ramshackle upcycled sort of way.  A lot of the furniture had been made from old pallets and wooden cable wheels with little decorating touches clearly purchased in Jumbos!!!

We were served by a really nice guy called Antonis who had limited English but with my limited Greek we muddled through and managed to order beers and water before ordering our lunches of chicken salad and chips.  When it arrived it was fresh and lovely - it tasted divine because it was just right for the location.  Simple food, stunning scenery and great company - what more could anyone want - Ain't we Lucky????  After the horrors of the last couple of days we realise more than ever just how lucky we are and we don't ever want to forget it.

We spent a lovely couple of hours over lunch - it was a place where we could have stayed all day and for once we didn't rush, even John seemed happy to sit and soak it all in.  This was most definitely our sort of place - the Veaseys done good - we will put this down as somewhere to take visitors if they fancy the trip up the coast with such a unique destination for lunch.

The boat which had been turned into a sort of day bed was so inviting - if it wasn't for the fact that we had to get home at some point we probably would have slept there under the stars.  Eventually we had to tear ourselves away, saying our goodbyes to Antonis and promising to big up the venue on social media.  It is one of those catch 22 situations - it was lovely to have the place to ourselves but we cannot keep it going on our own so it needs others to visit - but not when we are going to be there!!!

Eventually it was time to leave our little oasis and continue on our voyage of discovery passing through some very fertile land, a river and what looked like a jersey cow.  I will carry on with the report tomorrow so you can see how our day ended.  Our turn next month and the pressure will be on to beat what was a perfect day.

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