Tuesday, 27 June 2017

sad news...

My lovely Boris is poorly and in the vets - he has been bitten by something and his ear is in a very poor state.  Fingers crossed it was not a scorpion - this would be very bad news.  We have everything crossed that he will pull through...

A very strange start to the weather today.  The cats woke me at 5.30am and in desperation to stop them trampolining on my head or worse my bladder I got up and fed them.  It was grey - maybe that rain was going to come after all.  Rain in June is not so unusual - when we moved here our furniture arrived in June and it rained on that day too.

There was great debate this morning as to whether or not John would play badminton - three times he said he wasn't going to and that he was going to give his leg a rest and then, having made my plans for the day accordingly, he changed his mind - does he not realise that this is only a woman's prerogative.  I thought he was crazy as he has been moaning about his leg for weeks/months and so somewhat miffed he decided not to go which I think was the right decision.

The rising sun burned the cloud off and so the rain didn't come and we spent a couple of hours before I went off to Paphos tidying the sheds - this was clearly my punishment for forcing John to stay at home - this has been on his 'to-do' list for ages!  The only trouble is that we can never agree on what should be thrown out or given to charity so we end up with exactly the same amount of 'stuff' just put away in difference places!

I escaped to the big city leaving John to it and made my way down to the Post Office where I had to go and collect a parcel.  They have a brilliant service where they text you to tell you when a parcel needs collecting and if you need to bring anything with you.  If they ask for an invoice (as they did last time) this means that they are likely to charge you for whatever it is you have had delivered to the island - or not Mr MiseryGuts is in a good mood!  There was no such request today so it was just a parcel that needed signing for which, for whatever reason, they had decided not to deliver up to the village.  As always parking around the Post Office was chaotic so I turned up a side road and parked outside a pretty little church where I could walk straight through and across to the office without issue and there was no queue at the counter for parcels so I got mine straight away.

No mum at pickleball today as she is resting following her issues over the weekend with her face but actually when I saw her afterwards she looked pretty much back to normal so will be back on the court later this week.  She and I went out in search of a houseplant which she wants to give to their friends Janet and Arthur on their wedding anniversary next week plus it will be Arthur's 90th birthday.  We decided to go to Kissos and got a very pretty begonia in a stunning apricot/orange colour which was wrapped up in matching paper and ribbons.

When I got back home John had been out on a bike ride - he said this hadn't affected his leg at all and he felt better for getting some exercise.  We are having our old solar panels (the two in the middle which are tipped up) replaced tomorrow with some new efficient ones which apparently need very little sun at all to heat the water - this will be good for us in the Winter when we can struggle to get hot water on days when others seem to have no problem.  John went up to check everything was ok for the guys tomorrow and took the opportunity to give the photo-voltaic panels a clean.  This needs to be done regularly to ensure maximum production and we have been doing well covering our usage over the year so we only pay for the standing charges.

The cats are always fascinated when John is up on the roof or we are up on the roof terrace - they like to come and join us so I caught Chivers making his way via the gazebo and along the conservatory roof - he is like a ninja, unlike Charlie who tried to do the same but encountered some water and then slipped quite unceremoniously - he wasn't hurt physically but his pride took a bashing!

I will finish with a picture of Frank, Frank is my hydrangea which I inherited when Dad's friend Frank left the island and which was looking a bit sad and pot-bound when I took it on a couple of years ago.  This year for the first time the flowers have colour - previously they were green and I thought it was because I had the plant firmly in the shade.  Last year it got a treat and was repotted into a lovely spacious pot with fresh compost and gets plenty of water and has rewarded me with beautiful blooms - I love this plant, the plant in general but this specimen in particular.

Two bits of sad news today:

Firstly, Millie, John and Susan's cat appears to have been bitten by a snake - we are hoping she is ok because John and Susan are returning to the UK for John's mum's funeral and we are looking after her for a week.

Secondly and a really sad bit of news is that Nicos the theatre director in the village went missing at the weekend on a fishing trip and has been found dead.  He was elderly and the last time I saw him he looked quite unwell but we had only be talking about him on Friday.  He was a lovely man who tried to set up a Angle Cypriot theatre group in the village and Di and I would go along in support.  He would always speak or greet us with a cheery wave from his battered car.  May he rest in peace.

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