Thursday, 29 June 2017

Thursday - Village Clean...

This morning I was having some me-time and a facial at Kate's - I had to cancel my previous appointment because we were flying off to Dubai so was looking forward to it.  Her salon is a little oasis and I feel so much better after a session.

En route I went down to see how Millie was doing - poor poor Millie was bitten by a snake recently or at least that is what the vet suspected.  Her front right paw was injured and looking at the way she was walking also her back right paw.  She looks scraggy in the summer at the best of times as she loses the fur around her neck and what with the strange blue spray the vet had given them to administer she was in a right old state.  I did manage to get her to eat something and witnessed her going to the loo and trying to use her poorly paw to cover it but she was shaky and distressed and I didn't like it.  I decided to return on my way back from Kate's to make sure she was ok.  John and Susan return on Sunday and they have told us that if anything untowards happens we are not to get upset but we would, of course we would.

I reluctantly left Millie and made my way down to Polis for my 10.00am appointment - I don't go down to Polis often except for my food shopping so it is quite nice to have a look around to see what has been happening down there.  When we first arrived permanently and before the Credit Crisis Polis was very up and coming but in the interim a whole load of businesses have closed.  There is talk once again of a new link road from Paphos to Polis which I guess they hope will bring increased footfall to our neck of the woods - who knows?

I parked in the rough carpark and noticed that there is a new ice-cream parlour which has opened.  I had better not tell John as he is a real lover of ice-cream and a bit of an aficionado!!

The lovely old building on the opposite side is still being renovated but sadly I think it looks bland.  It used to have a fabulous set of outside steps which led to a veranda - it was probably very very dangerous but it looked so good.  This has gone, not sure if it is only temporary and will be replaced but there is nothing much there now to give the building character.

I had a great hour being pampered at Kate's - we had a laugh as one client came in at the wrong time even though Kate had text her to confirm her appointment and she had responded - she said she responded but hadn't looked at the time - she was clearly miffed and thought it was Kate's fault when it clearly wasn't - Kate was gracious and managed to re-schedule the appointment and keep the client happy.  Smart move!

I called in to see Millie on the way back - she seemed less steady on her feet and more withdrawn - it could be just that it was very hot and she was feeling it.  I decided to move her food down into the gym with her as I thought she might be unable to jump up onto the table where she is normally fed.  She wasn't interested - in fact she wasn't interested in much poor little thing.

It was clean-up day today, not normally on a Thursday but we are busy on Saturday and there will be a big funeral in the village on that day for Nicos so it would have been inappropriate to do the clean then anyway.  As a result Di and Rob were unavailable so we were really pleased to see Luscious Lynda arrive with her visitor Julie to help out.

We thought we were going to have an issue to begin with because I went to get bags from the Mukhtar's supermarket and there was an issue.  To begin with I thought they were going to have to pay for some but it transpired that they had run out and were waiting for replacements.  The Mukhtar managed to find a roll although I had put plenty in the rucksack - seeing as we do this for the benefit of the village I think it is the least they can do to provide us with the bags!!

Julie was the most glamorous litter-picker we have had so far - she looked like she was dressed for an evening out but she mucked in and between the four of us we did the long route around the telephone mast and actually there was far less rubbish than we had anticipated.

We ended up at O Stathmos where we were going to have a quick beer but ended up having a couple of tonic and gins (no way with those measures they could be gins and tonic) - this was probably not the best idea in the world as we hadn't had any tea!!

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