Monday, 31 July 2017

Catching up...

Today we were catching up with some friends who are staying in Peyia.  We haven't seen the Poole family since they came to the island in August 2011 just after we had moved here.  Simon is an ex-matelot who served around the same time as John but was in a different branch and their paths did not cross.  I met Simon through work when he was working for a company which introduced Porter Dodson to Blackberry technology and the rest is history so the saying goes!

Back in 2011 Simon, Jimbo and Millie came to our house (sadly Louise was ill) and spent the afternoon with us.  I think the children must have been about 9 and 7 at the time.  Now they are all grown up and there is a third Poole child Betsy who was 'in minus land' (her description) at the time - she is now 4 going on 44!

The Poole's are renting a lovely villa just a stone's throw from Neo's in Peyia.  Neo's is their favourite restaurant because apart from the fact that the food there is excellent they have been brilliant catering for the needs of the two older Poole children who have both been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease.  This is a dangerous and debilitating disease which is not to be confused with 'wheat intolerance' or any other gluten diet fad which seems to be oh so popular at the moment.   The children are brilliant about it and control it by being very very careful not to ingest anything containing Gluten which is actually easier said than done.

Simon, Louise, Jimbo, Millie and Betsy are holidaying with Louise's Mum Ellie and her husband Bern (master chef thanks very much) and Louise's brother Billie.  We were invited to join them for a family barbeque.  Sadly Betsy was quite unwell, it would appear she has an ear infection which is, unfortunately, quite common over here when they are in and out of different water.  She was dosed up and made a theatrical appearance later but was clearly unwell.

As I said she is 4 going on 44!!!  Her vocabulary is amazing and she winds everyone around her little finger starting by gazing at you and declaring that she 'loves you' so that you will then do whatever it is she wants.

I had to play her at table tennis because I was lovely and I had a lovely pink purse and pink phone and pink nails (they were red actually).  John had to sit at the side of the pool dangling his feet in the water with her just because he was my Dad and he was nice and she loved him!  Sadly her earache return pretty quickly and so we went in to give her a cuddle before she went to bed and told her we hoped we would see her again before they return to the UK.

We had a lovely late afternoon and evening with them all.  Jimbo (soon to be 16) has turned into a really nice young man who has been accepted into a rugby academy in September - apparently sport is his absolute passion and so he is being encouraged to pursue that avenue.   Millie is a confident and personable young teenager who takes after her gran (according to her gran) and is very intelligent but hopes to make a career out of dance and drama and we wish them both well - they are a credit to Louise and Simon.  Louise's Mum, Stepdad and Brother were all interesting and friendly people and we sat around the dining table discussing everything from beer to mediums!

August 2011
July 2016
It was lovely to catch up with Louise and Simon - we hadn't realised they were here for more than 2 weeks so thought they returned home on Wednesday but they have until the end of the week so we are hoping that we can catch up with them once again even if it only for a coffee and we really hope it wont be another 6 years until we see them again.  They have recently moved house so good luck building your new life down south and good luck to Ellie on her forthcoming well-deserved retirement.

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