Friday, 14 July 2017

Drouseian's Day Out - Part 3

So this is the report on the final part of the day - which was the leg from St George's Bay via Viklari (The Last Castle) and then skirting the Akamas and home.

I had been going to drive as I had sorted out the route and new where I wanted to go but John had other ideas so said he would drive until we got to Viklari and then I could drive home.  I was perfectly capable of doing it all but to keep the peace I agreed but that meant that his idea of the route and my idea were different grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

When we got to St George's my plan was to have had another coffee break and then go down to the harbour for a mooch before making our way to Viklari otherwise we would be having coffee and lunch too close.  I had wanted to have coffee in the taverna which overlooks the bay as Di and Rob hadn't been there before and the view is lovely, John wanted to go to the shack bar on the beach - words ensued as you can imagine and then I got my own way but then John will tell you that is what always happens!

So sticking to the original plan we had coffee up at the Taverna which overlooks the bay taking in the perfect view and reminding ourselves of how lucky we are and John and I made our peace so normal service resumed and we then made our way down to the harbour and a little walk around even though it was exceptionally hot by that time.

St George's is very pretty and still remarkably unchanged over all the years we have been visiting unlike the bays we had explored earlier.  They seem to have managed to keep any updating tasteful so the bland concrete breakwater has been painted with a jolly sea theme and the solar lights are shaped like waves.  There is one small beach bar (the one which John wanted to visit) and the yacht club sails out of there but fundamentally it retains the feeling of it being a little fishing port.  The surrounding waters are crystal clear and there is little or no rubbish around the boats unlike at Latchi or Pomos.

We walked along the harbour side, watching a man fishing and looking at the little boats before our stomachs reminded us that we should be heading up the hills to Viklari for our souvla lunch.  By now it was too late and far too hot to contemplate a walk in the Avakas Gorge and we decided we would leave that until another, cooler day plus we need to leave new experiences for future days out otherwise there will be nothing left to do.

We made our way up the hill to Viklari - I had booked a late table and we had one of the one's with a view although not one of the prime ones but then again we have all seen it before.  We bumped into Mum and Dad's old neighbours Peter and Wendy who were there with Wendy's sister (I think it was Wendy's sister) and we had a chat before sitting down to the traditional souvla fare that they serve here.

I had forgotten to order vegetarian, not that I am but I do love the beans they serve here - sadly they didn't have any so I just had to gnaw my way through a huge hunk of pork and a huge hunk of chicken which was accompanied by fab fat wedgie potato chips and salad.  That is all they do but they do it exceptionally well.  We took our time and relaxed, ate and drank - perfect.

We had an interesting journey home because the thermostat that controls the fan on Kenny decided to stick and we were going slowly uphill in heat so poor Ken couldn't cope and boiled - reminded me so much of my youth when cars used to boil for a past-time.  We pulled into the side of the road to let Ken cool and to top up the radiator.  We were in the middle of nowhere but had the company of a shepherd and some big black pigs.  Whilst we were waiting for Ken to settle down a local farmer stopped and asked if we needed help but a car of tourists just barged on by.

We had sort of anticipated this might happen as Ken had got very hot the other day so we had put in extra water just in case.  Sometimes the fan works sometimes it doesn't and it would also appear that the fuel gauge stuck yesterday showing full - which isn't helpful so Ken is going to have to go and be looked at and soon.

We made one last stop before getting back to Droushia - there is a fairly newly built church just before you get to the Droushia/Inea fork which has a commanding view out to sea.  Although these little churches are all much the same inside it is nice to go and have a look and it gave John a chance to use his self-stick again and it gave Kenny a chance to cool.

It only seems five minutes ago that Abi and Jordan were saying that the island was so much greener than they expected, and at that time it was thanks to the heavy rains all over the winter.  Now a couple of weeks later and with a heatwave the land looks parched.  We are beginning to enter into flash fire times - some accidental and some not so unfortunately.

We ended our long day with a cooling drink Chez Veasey - it had been a lovely day apart from the cicada incident, the slipping flipflop incident, the wrong watering hole incident and the car boiling incident!

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