Saturday, 15 July 2017

Happy Birthday Di

So our Drouseians day out was followed by a couple of relatively normal and uneventful days where the heat is beginning to take its toll and is tipped to get hotter again.  It's not so bad up here in Droushia above the humidity line but the sun has an intensity which means that after only a short period of time outside you can burn.  I know because when John was watching the rugby I went around to George's to start tidying the garden.  I managed to do a fair bit before I was absolutely dripping and gave up and escaped to the cool of the pool.  Our pool never seems to get beyond 30 degrees because its position means that it is in partial shade for most of the day.  This is a bit of a bugger when we are waiting for it to get warm enough for us to venture in but on days like today that cool is very welcome.

Today was Di's birthday and for us it was a very different Sunday than we had anticipated through a complete misunderstanding with Mum about our arrangements.Sunday is the day that we always set aside to see Mum and Dad and barring something really out of the ordinary we don't change it.  Di had asked if we might be available to join them at some point mindful of our Sunday routine.  It would have been our turn to go down to Emba late afternoon/evening so I thought I had arranged with Mum and Dad that they would come here for Lunch meaning I would do lunch twice in a row and then once they had got home safely we would join Di and Rob.  Something got lost in translation and Mum and Dad had booked to go to Sonny's instead which meant that we had the whole day to ourselves.  I am not complaining because I was struggling to think what to do for a meal and neither Mum nor Dad are eating much at the moment because of the heat but that wasn't what we had intended.  In the end I think it probably suited everyone but it was by accident rather than design.  I shall make it up to Mum and Dad next week when we will have a bit of a Wimbledon party and watch the men's final and have a special Wimbledon tea.

So with the whole day ahead of us Rob had sneakily contacted John to see if we might join him and Di for lunch at Molos - Di had absolutely no idea not even when we arrived at the door with her birthday present dressed ready to go out - we were the transport to and from Latchi but she thought we were going out somewhere with Mum and Dad and was very confused.  We had a lovely lunch sat at the harbourside in Latchi but boy it was sooooooo hot and by the time we had finished eating we were all beginning to melt.  We made our way back to Droushia for a quick change before the main birthday event which was to go to the Anassa for cocktails.

The Anassa is the very very posh hotel between Latchi and the Baths of Aphrodite and I have always wanted to go inside and investigate but it is rather exclusive so never had the opportunity until now.  We had a taxi down - the entrance has always been a bit of a mystery to me because you turn off and go under the road so it is hidden from view.  The main entrance was a little underwhelming but on the whole the complex is rather stunning although it reminded me of The Prisoner!!!

We took time to wander round looking at how the other half live before settling down out on the terrace to peruse the cocktail menu and take a sharp intake of breath at the prices!!!

It felt like we were on holiday and sometimes it is just really nice to do something out of the ordinary so we really have to thank Di's mum and dad and making Di otherwise we wouldn't have been here!!!!

We had got a seat early in the shade which turned out to be a wise decision because it was very humid down on the coast and, we hadn't realised but, there was some musical entertainment happening later so after a while the terrace was packed and we were in prime position - luck rather than judgment!!!

In fact had we known we might have booked the taxi for later but then we would have had less time back at the Veaseys for Rob to entertain us with his record collection - which he loves and which we love - although I am not so sure his neighbours will have thought so as our collective voices wouldn't win any competitions.

So we spent a very pleasant couple of hours in luxurious surroundings sampling some very expensive cocktails created by Takis the 'mixologist' which included one that John had where they came and set it on fire and gave him bits of jellied fruit to melt inside - or at least that is what we think was supposed to happen with it.

It was a lovely evening - a really lovely evening - one of those pure 'ain't we lucky' evenings when we really appreciate this little corner of the island.  Yes we could have stayed longer but they say you should always leave wanting more and that is exactly what we did.  We even managed to grab a minute with Kelly who works in the hotel before getting in our taxi and getting back to Droushia where we spent the remainder of the evening sat outside listening to music before I had to guide John home up the hill - he will say this was due to his bad leg, I will say it was due to the cocktails and the vodka which he opened at Di's.

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