Monday, 17 July 2017

Heatwave returns

God it is bloomin' hot again - the heatwave has returned - there is hot and there is hot, hot and then there is furnace temperatures!!!  Even here in Droushia the weather station is tipping 40 degrees in the shade.

With this in mind I am posting a photograph of my mum. me and my sister looking cool in soaring temperatures in Dubai when my nephew got married a couple of months ago.  Mum won't have seen this photograph - I meant to show it to her today after pickleball but the heat got to me and fried my brains and I forgot.  I am not sure there is much of a family likeness between the three of us and I obviously need to go on a diet looking at the other two but we scrubbed up well on that day!

So as I said I was at pickleball today - John is still resting his knee and being a good boy although he said he tested it this morning by trying to break into a sprint which didn't work.  The island is now looking very dry indeed.  It is hard to believe that this was the area ravaged by fire a couple of years ago - no sign of it now and hopefully no re-occurrence this year.

Our pickleball season finishes at the end of June for the month of August.  We are desperate to find a couple of new players to fill the Thursday session - sadly Wendy and Bill will not be returning at least not for the foreseeable future due to various injuries so I will have to advertise and hope we can get two newbies.  Our current newbie Carol is improving and enjoying it but she can only play on a Tuesday.

It was hot playing today and we were all soaked to the skin and probably didn't smell too good as a result.  Mum and I didn't do anything afterwards but went back for a cuppa with Dad who has been off colour recently - this tends to happen at this time of year and is caused by his blood pressure - fingers crossed he will be sorted soon.  We don't have a game on Friday so I will be concentrating on preparing the Wimbledon Tea we are to have on Sunday - we plan to watch the mens' final and then have afternoon tea and stickies.

We had an early tea tonight so I could sit down and watch Johanna Konta play her quarter final game against Halep.  We had a large mixed salad with roasted peppers, lounza strips and a warmed pepper brie with sweet chilli sauce mmmmm mmmmmmm one of my favourites.

I had to have stern words with John who is super critical of any 'British' sports people.  I don't remember exactly when he won Wimbledon - he says it was in 1978 (he would have been a child-genius) but he moans and complains at every shot - I didn't expect Konta to beat Halep and when she lost the first set (albeit on a tie-break) I thought her days were numbered but would not have described her as 'bloody useless'.  Mum has to suffer the same with Dad who must have won his Wimbledon final in the 1940s.  Anyway I was chuffed to bits when Konta came through to book her place in the semi-finals against Venus Williams.    She didn't grunt and was cool, calm and collected and kept focused on the job in hand.  I have to say I was absolutely shocked by Nadal's attitude in his game yesterday when he was too lazy or too up his own arse to place a bottle lid in the bin next to him, giving it to a ball boy to do instead.  So glad Nadal lost.

The best bit about last night's game was a jubilant Chelsea Pensioner grabbing a 'selfie' with Konta and punching his fists in complete joy thereafter.  Such a fabulous juxtaposition of new and old and Konta only to happy to oblige.  Good luck for tomorrow Johanna - do your best - that is all anyone can do and don't listen to John William or Ronald Ernle as they shout at you telling you you are useless!

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