Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Heat is Getting to Everyone...

Ok so we live in Cyprus and we know it will be hot in the Summer but this heatwave is taking its toll on everyone and everything.  Plants in the garden are being scorched to death even though we are careful to water when the sun has gone down.  There seems no respite at the moment but the saving grace is the pool which we moan about for taking so long to warm up but now I couldn't survive without it.

We are not the only ones to be using the pool - some visitors have gotten there by mistake and are grateful for the noodles which provide them with a safety platform.  One such visitor was a little one back-legged grasshopper which may have crossed the path of one of the cats to have sustained such an injury.  It seemed none the worse for its disability.

It dried off on the float and periodically shook out its wings until it was happy to leave - to safety I hope as we don't like to see any of the creatures here killed.  We even rescue the wasps even though we don't really like them - not so sure we would be so charitable with the huge hornets that come to drink though.

On the subject of creatures the air is full of the sounds of various insects including the electric whizz of the bright green Katydid - What Kaydid?  I hear you cry but yes this is not a grasshopper it is a member of the Tettidoniidae family and is primarily nocturnal.  Apparently according to Wikipedia...

...The males of tettigoniids have sound-producing organs (via stridulation) located on the hind angles of their front wings. In some species, females are also capable of stridulation. Females chirp in response to the shrill of the males, which sound like, "katy did," which is how they received their name. The males use this sound for courtship, which occurs late in the summer. The sound is produced by rubbing two parts of their bodies together, called stridulation. One is the file or comb that has tough ridges; the other is the plectrum is used to produce the vibration. For tettigoniids, the fore wings are used to sing. Tettigoniids produce continuous songs known as trills. The size of the insect, the spacing of the ridges, and the width of the scraper all influence what sound is made.

So now you know!

The cats are conspicuous by their absence at the moment - this could be because there are a lot of the Nicosian's here on holiday and they like to go visit and get spoilt by Galatia or Persephone - Charlie is waiting for the arrival of George and Pam so we are pleased he has lost a bit of weight because George and his lounza and chips will soon recitify that.

On taking a spin around the garden I found Boris squeezed down behind a pot in the shade which is good as we have to watch out for his ear and it not getting sunburned and then came across Minnie squeezed behind the front gazebo.  I have provided them with damp mats to sleep on but they have given them a stiff ignoring!!!

The 1978 Wimbledon Championship Winner was right with his assessment of the Men's game today featuring Andy Murray - he was official useless - if he was so injured he should have retired hurt - I think he thought he was going to beat Querrey in three sets and then rest up but even if he had he wasn't going to get any further if his hip is as bad as everyone is surmising.  I am guessing that the Wimbledon Championship Winner circa 1940 who resides with Mum was of the same opinion.  We just have Konta the Australian/Hungarian/Brit to shout for now!

We have friends who arrive today with their family and will be staying in Peyia - we hope to catch up with them for a drink at the very least - it has been five years and one baby girl since we saw them here last so Happy Holidays Louise and Simon - hope it isn't too hot!!

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