Tuesday, 18 July 2017

This morning Droushia was swathed in an lovely cooling early morning mist which was soon burned off by the sun but whilst it lasted it was fabulous to sit outside and feel the chill on my overnight parched skin.  With Mr Boo having a taste of freedom I wanted to ensure he was home in one piece and untroubled by the other cats.  He was, phew, what a relief - all cats accounted for and all cats fed I could return to bed for a short while with my coffee and tablet and ease myself into the day.

John was having his first session at physio with Marios today and whilst he was there I nipped to see Sonia who is still recovering from the stroke she had in January but she is now back in Polis temporarily living with Gillian and David Carbine until she can find a place of her own.

Sonia is really making remarkable progress seeing as how her stroke was caused by a bleed which is the worst kind.  Her left side is still affected but she is being really good with her physio and given time it looks like she will make a good recovery - she is aiming for 90% and with her determination will get there.

It was a fortuitous visit because Gillian and David are going to the Romeo and Juliet ballet in Chloraka tonight.  Mum was supposed to be going with Sue but Sue felt it prudent to cancel because having recently sustained a heart attack she was concerned about sitting in the amphitheatre in this heat.

I was able to introduce Mum to Gillian and now Mum will have someone to sit with which is good news and it means someone will be able to use the ticket that Sue had purchased.

On our return John continued with his exercises trying out some in the pool these include standing on his bad leg and building the muscles.  He seemed to be quite impressed by what has been done so far - we pay for the treatment at the end and he is going to go weekly for a couple of months.  He continues to exercise when he is sat watching the television and he asked Marios about the TENS machine we have borrowed from Mum and Dad and Marios confirmed that it would be effective so he used that this evening whilst he was watching Konte and then Murray go through to the next round at Wimbledon - along with the normal running commentary I get on the uselessness of the respective players I got grunts and groans as the TENS ramped up and made his muscles twitch!

It was ladies lunch today, held in the village at O Stathmos which is in the shade thank goodness although it was a little cooler today with some cloud around.

Bambos does good souvla and Sheila had ordered chicken and chips but inevitably it came with a host of other stuff so we had salad and dips to start and then an aubergine dish with fetta, chicken chips and a courgette and sweet pepper dish.  Cake and fruit for afterwards.  Sylvia put in one of her overly enthusiastic appearances to see the Laydeeeees - Hallo lovely Laydeeeeeees!

There were about 14 of us I think and it we spent a nice couple of hours chatting and eating under the shade of the big old walnut tree in the courtyard. We have lost a couple of ladies as they have moved and we are about to lose another one who is returning to the UK - it is always quite sad to say goodbye to people even though we might only catch up over a ladies lunch.

We spend the evening up on the roof again.  I had found a recipe for a new cocktail which contained all my favourite ingredients - all of which we had at the house.  It is called a Gin-Gin Mule and basically you crush some fresh mint leaves into sugar and then dilute with lime juice, add a measure of gin, a handful of ice and then top up with some Old Jamaica Ginger Beer.

John didn't know what I was handing him but fell in love with the drink as did I.

We were joined up on the roof by three of the cats - Boris was too busy making the most of his new found freedom.

This was a Gin-Gin Ginger-fest of the highest order.  Whenever we go up onto the roof the cats always like to join us.  It was much cooler last night - really really pleasant which bodes well for tomorrow when we have our next Drouseian Day Out.

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