Thursday, 10 August 2017

Monday and We really do love Drouseia...

Art this morning and I completed my current picture of the wooden bird and three glass balls.  I wanted to challenge myself with the balls and I think I made a pretty good attempt with them.  Sadly John is less enthusiastic - he doesn't like the subject matter so whilst I thought this was probably my best work yet he didn't agree.  I am now in two minds as to what to do next.  I had something in mind but it also featured glass and so I might go for something different.  I took a nice photograph of an old door in Spilia and that might be the next project.

Today I felt so loved by the village today - sometimes if can be difficult to tell how well you have been accepted by the locals.  John and I have tried very hard to integrate - we never forget that we are immigrants (not ex-pats - that is such a pompous an imperial term).  I am beginning to organise John's 50th birthday and some of our friends are planning on making a weekend of it and are looking for some accommodation in the village.  I now that the Droushia Heights is full as we had already enquired for someone else so I contacted one of the other establishments in the village Ktima 1937 Kannides which is a beautiful small complex.  We have met the owners once when the complex first opened.  I was stunned to get a phone-call from Olivera to say that whilst the complex would be full on the night in question we could use their Droushia village house if we wanted, free of charge.  How kind is that?????  It seems a lot of upheaval for them just for one night but if there is nothing else suitable we just might take them up on their very very kind offer.

Our July village clean was taking place this evening when it was hopefully going to be a bit cooler.  We had thought there would only be John and I, Rob and Di and Klaus (the Famous Five) as Lynda had cried off having spent the morning enjoying a champagne breakfast and Sotiris had sort of indicated he might come when we bumped into him at his niece's wedding on Saturday.  We had hoped Sotiris might come - this would be something of a coup for us as Sotiris is the Mukhtar's son and well respected in the village and has small children who might learn from his example.

As it turned out Lynda felt guilty and came anyway so big thanks to her for doing so although we did make sure she didn't have to bend down too much as this is not to be recommended when you have consumed a champagne breakfast and several G&T's - she was my bag lady - pointing out the rubbish and holding out the bag for me to fill.  And I am so chuffed that Sotiris pitched up too with mega enthusiasm picking up everything from a sink stand to a couple of car bumpers and even better he has said that if we hold them in the evening he will come again.

We tackled the main road out of the village going towards Polis and Latchi which is one used regularly and provides a window on the village for visitors - it was full of bottles and coffee tins and lots and lots of tissues and wet wipes but no dodgy DVD's although we came across a couple of cases.  More worryingly we found two knives - the one I found was like a steak knife - no idea why these had been jettisoned but they had.

Those of us who were eating afterwards had hoped to eat down at the Museum but Andri had apologised that there would be insufficient light so had asked if we would eat at Cafe Vrisi instead.  That was no problem because we hoped it would make the place look nice and busy and encourage visitors to come and try the food.  I ordered Chicken and Oven Baked Potatoes and it was absolutely delicious.  In fact I would go so far as to say that it was better than what I had had at the Last Castle the last time I went.  We had a big salad, potatoes and chicken and a pudding for €10.

Big thanks to Sotiris, Lynda, Klaus, Di and Rob for helping on the clean and thank you to Andri and Loukas for providing such a fabulous meal and thank you village for being our home and making us so welcome.

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