Tuesday, 15 August 2017


shhhhh!!!!! I cannot make a sound in the house today because today the football season resumes and John is all ready, jobs done, i-follow set up, all other devices that could interfere OFF, nuts at the ready, beer at the ready, boy at the ready, it is 10.00am and the opening game is at 5.00pm our time - talk about being prepared but as John's motto is the 7Ps why am I not surprised - proper prior preparation prevents piss poor performance (I smile, when Elena was really ill she said she wanted that put on her gravestone).

I decided that I would go down to Paps to do my shopping whilst the match was on because (a) John would be unbearable and (b) I couldn't be accused of doing something that would interfere with the streaming.  I understand that there were a few teething problems but he got it sorted all by himself and when I returned he was a happy chappy as the Mighty Blades had secured themselves a 1-0 opening game of the season win over Brentford Nylons and, even better, the pigs from Swillsborough (Sheffield Wednesday) lost.  There would be much celebration in the Wiseman household this evening and in the Veasey household too because Charlton with 10 men also secured a win.  Not much to celebrate if you were a Yeovil Town supporter though as they got battered 8-2 by Luton Town.

There was a strange sky tonight although the sun went down like a ball of flames disappearing behind the Mukhtari building.  There was a chill and quite a lot of condensation about - it is noticeable how much later the sun rises and how much earlier it sets now.

John must have known because he had asked for a curry this evening to round off what had been for him and excellent day.  I had got the ingredients for a Chicken Tikka Masala and we sat out in the cool enjoying our supper.  A couple of nights of natural dampness has made the plants pick up - still not much colour around but the greens are green and lush again.  This is a lovely time of year - the crazy heat of July has been tempered slightly and although the rest of the Mediterranean are in the grips of Heatwave Lucifer we have had rain forecast.

Nothing left but for John to bid you goodnight, accompanied by the strains of Babylon and a glass of Agios.

Καληνύχτα όλοι - ήταν μια τέλεια μέρα - Goodnight everyone - it has been a perfect day.

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