Friday, 8 September 2017

bloody bloody bloody cars...

Today was chaotic and not our finest hour...
We took the Pug down to get sorted and we thought it was but then driving it up out of Paphos it overheated again so it had to go back - we await news of the problem and the cost to rectify - not good.  This of course meant that plans for the day went everso slightly awry.

In the interim we managed to show Janet a little bit more of the island - we are trying to show her places she has not been before so today stopped in Lemba which is a very quirky artisan village.  The art school is the modern equivalent of a folly and the outside is one giant piece of 'art' made out of everything including the kitchen sink and a couple of toilets at least.  The village is made up of quirky residences and lots of them house artists of one sort or another.

There is a very pretty walk in Lemba which takes you down to a small amphitheatre type construction and the path goes across a bridge and then disappears into the vegetation through a tunnel which leads to a cave with a spring and then beyond - sadly I didn't have the footwear or the time to go any further on this occasion but I will!

It is a lovely spot and there had clearly been a wedding there recently as there was confetti on the floor - what a beautiful little venue with the lush green of the Morning Glory which has grown everywhere and I mean everywhere.

We called in to see Mum and Dad whilst we were waiting for news on the car.  We decided to partake of a coffee in their favourite establishment Chocco's and bagged the nice comfy corner spot.  From there we returned to 3a Georgiou Elina and John and his Mum shot off to Superhome Centre whilst I sorted a few things out for Mum and Dad.

The next few hours featured the Pug debacle but eventually we returned to Droushia and had Janice, Mick and the kids at ours for a swim - they are now fully acclimatised so notice the temperature difference between us and Latchi - this is particularly noticeable with the water temperature although the kids didn't seem bothered!

Alicia has recently got her exam results and has done very well with Piano - John had been teasing her that she was booked in to play at the Droushia Heights so when we wandered down there for afternoon cocktails he organised to have the piano opened up for her and she played despite it having a fair few bum notes because it hasn't been tuned recently.

The girl done good, in fact she did so good that at one point she had a little crowd of residents gathered around her admiring her skill and one of them had a young daughter that Alicia then went on to spend time with.  Whilst this was happening the rest of us were having cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic - some of us (John Wiseman) indulged rather too much on the alcoholic having missed out on lunch.

We ate at Imogen's in Kathikas as it offered a wide choice including Pizza and everyone managed to get something they liked - eventually!  Paris had misread his dad's handwriting and put pepperoni and not peppers on Alicia's vegetarian pizza so we had to wait for it to be recooked but got the mistake left on our table as a freebie.  The carafe of Kolios wine was like syrup (too long in the box in the heat) so had to have that changed.  John decided to breakdance on the way to the car and has learned that (a) playing football in flipflops is not recommended and (b) neither is drinking on an empty stomach.

It was an eventful evening and I am very grateful to Mick for being Taxi driver to us all and shuttling us back and forward.

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