Monday, 4 September 2017

Bobster's Birthday...

Today it was the Bobster's birthday and I am not going to say too much but...

...When I get older losing my hair, Many years from now, Will you still be sending me a valentine,
Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
As you will know if you have been reading my blog, I wasn't happy with the original card that I made so I made a second card which was a take on a Banksy piece of street art only instead of a red balloon this one had a balloon with a logo that mean something to an Addick like Bobby.

John's mum is staying down in Latchi with the rest of the family and the day didn't start well because they were all going out in the Pug and the damn bloody sodding thing overheated AGAIN which is unbelievable as we had thought it was fixed and we hadn't had any problem.  They got home as the problem only seems to manifest when it is a very hot day and you are going slowly up a long incline but we were really disappointed that their day had been spoiled.

We were celebrating the occasion by having lunch at one of our favourite eateries The Magic Garden in Mesa Chorio.

This is owned and run by Michael and Mima and is exactly as it sounds, set in a magical garden which is a quiet little oasis.

The food lived up to expectations although as the meal went on it got hotter and hotter under the umbrellas so we opted to take our desserts and coffee on the lower terrace in the shade of the pepper tree.  This poses a few issues as the tree weeps a sticky sap and the roughly hewn amphitheatre type steps are a challenge to Michael.

We enjoyed some of the best home-cooked food you could ever wish to sample - cooked fresh and to order so our meal was a leisurely affair.  We all had different starters, Di sample the deep fried Camembert, Rob the honey and sesame seed coated Halloumi, John the Fetta stuffed spring rolls and me the Prawn filled basket.

I had the cheese and herb stuffed chicken thighs whilst the other three all selected the slow cooked shin of beef - this was served with chips and carrots cooked in orange and cumin - DEEEEEEEEEELISH!!!

I could have sat there all afternoon - it was warm and I was full and it was so relaxing but we had decided that we would call home via the Brewery so that the boys could enjoy a couple of pints.  We haven't been there for ages.  It has grown so much since we first started to frequent there that for us it has lost some of its charm.  We sat on the far side from the bar area which has shade from the big trees and a nice through draft.  Underneath all the umbrellas it is like a sauna.  What used to be the bar area is now the shop sales and is right in the middle of the seating area - personally I think this is a mistake as it spoils the view across the courtyard.  I was driver so I wasn't drinking and to be honest I am not a beer drinker and I find their ciders too sweet  Still it was nice to sit there in the shade and the boys and Di enjoyed a bevvy or two or three in some cases.

We finished off our day in the quiet of Rob and Di's garden having a coffee together having had a lovely day.  We had toyed with the idea of taking Rob out into the metrolops to find some live music but we were all too shattered to even think about it!

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