Friday, 1 September 2017

Family have arrived...

So my postings may be a bit sporadic for a while now that we are into mad visitor time - this means both a mad time and mad visitors!  I am grabbing a few minutes here and there to jot down a few notes so but days may well merge into one.

Janet is now settled up here in the hills and John's sister and family are enjoying life down at Villa Kleoniki in Latchi.  We are spending lots of time down there with them and surprise surprise John has started to put together his Yianni Tours Itinerary!

Some time ago we bought some of these 'super easy inflatable' lounging beds - if you watch the instructional video you just wave these bits of nylon around for a couple of seconds and they are done - no shit Sherlock REALLY????  John nearly got a hernia dancing around on the grass like a mad thing - eventually he admitted defeat and used the fan indoors to get the bloody things inflated.

He was exhausted after all his efforts and got himself a well earned rest on said inflatable only to have it situated over the top of a pop up sprinkler which duly popped up and frightened the life out of him!!

The family seem happy with this villa - it is in a good position and the kids have already been out exploring where the coast path can take them.

The pool is a hit, understandably, but is in danger of becoming overrun with every pool-inflatable known to man.  The two big rings we bought the kids are fabulous and well worth the €5 each!!!  I adopted the role of family photographer because I have neuralgia again - I think the cold wet conditions on Friday night probably caused it and so I didn't want to get water in my ears.  We are amazed how well Alicia has taken to her first holiday abroad - she is loving it all and taking everything in her stride.

Another big hit is the table tennis table where Mr Competitive takes no prisoners.  I am pleased to say that my pickleball experience is standing me in good stead and although I haven't beaten him as yet I have pushed him close.  His excuse will be that he is playing in flip-flops!!!

So far we have eaten together in Prodromi at Koulis's place and sampled every doughnut that Paps can sell plus made a start on the flavours from the ice-cream parlour which has included trying both Mastica and Rose (gross!!!!! sorry to all my Cypriot friends but what on earth is Mastica all about??)

Yiannis Tours has penciled in Pomos, Pachyamous, Last Castle, Blue Lagoon and Kritou Terra and that is only tomorrow!  I jest - tomorrow we are meeting Mum and Dad at the Mall for lunch.  The Mooney family have a day at leisure although I do think they plan to take the car out and explore - I forgot I put in our ancient roadmap for them - the one so old it does not feature the motorways - still I guess the old village roads are still in the same place!

Will report again in due course - stick with me readers xxx

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