Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Friday - a difficult reunion

The barbequed beef ribs are put on hold tonight as we have arranged to go down to C&A apartments for dinner.  Janet was keen to do so and with Eva going away to Crete for a few days next week this was the only opportunity.  More food - the washing machine begins to sing to me again but then John reminds me it is a self service buffet and I can take as much, or as little, as I want even though Eva is an even worse feeder than John.

We had pickleball this afternoon and left John's mum up in Droushia with the iron and the ironing board and go and play.  Mum is suffering a bit with sciatica and Liselotte has her aunt and uncle staying so comes for a while and then takes them to have a look around Paphos Old Town.  Di, John, John and I get very hot running around the court until Marios points out that we have forgotten to open the windows - DUH!

I am hopeful I may have found a prospective new player for Thursdays - fingers crossed as this person ticks all the boxes, young and male - we are lacking young and male players!

So after a quick shit shave and shower (naval terminology for a quick turn round) we made our way down to Polis for our dinner.  We knew this was going to be emotional for Janet but with the help of the family and some guests which she knew from previous stays it was made easier than it might otherwise have been.  Tina and Johnny from Denmark had returned this year having been absent last year - they were amongst the first people that Janet and Hadge made friends with.

I have no idea what Janet is discussing with Eva - or maybe she was dancing the hokey cokey I am not sure!  Eva, Old Andreas, Young Andreas, Nitsa, Chris and Chris made us very very welcome.  Sadly Charoulla had developed a migraine and had retired to bed and Demitri felt unable to face seeing Janet.  He has his own issues and it was best not to force him.  Nitsa has been so very unwell over the last 2 years that it was a real delight to see her out and about and to spend some time in her company.

If you ever think life has dealt you a bad hand take a long hard look at yourself and then take a look at Eve's family with all their illnesses and disabilities.  John is talking to Nitsa's husband Chris - a lovely guy who has completely lost his sight over the last year or so - he used to do the airport pick-ups for the apartments until he had some sort of accident and fell face down pushing his glasses into his eyes and from then on his sight deteriorated until nothing, you would not know save for his white stick and the fact that he asks who you are and where you are sitting so he can converse with you face to face as if he was seeing you.

We were made to feel like an extension of their remarkable family.  John and I will keep in touch - it is easier to wander down and have a coffee in the winter when they are not so busy with paying guests.  Janet will no doubt wish to return the next time she is over.  This was a big milestone but so worth making the effort.

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