Thursday, 7 September 2017

High Seas

Whilst the rest of the family took to the High Seas chartering a boat from Latchi Watersports I had a normal Monday morning and an art session with Sheila.  I walked down and helped myself to some of the plump sticky figs that are in the trees en route.  Some get picked but only those that are easy to reach - John goes out with his 'fig stick' to get those which are higher up.  We have two sorts - the small light coloured 'honey' figs and the dark purple sugar berry flavoured more common ones - I don't mind I will eat them all.  Soon there will be pomegranates to scrump if the size of the fruits on the trees is anything to go by.

My latest picture is taking shape but is proving to be tricky.  The flower is a hyacinth in a glass vase which is sitting on a wooden table.  The grain on the wood is causing me issues and Sheila has suggested that if I am not careful it will overpower the main subject of the picture and she is right.  I am hoping that once the flowers begin to take shape it will start to come together a little more.

It would appear that the boat trip was a great success - even Janet went into the sea albeit keeping a firm grip to the boat steps.  They sailed along the coastline calling into one of the bays next to Blue Lagoon as this was packed with the regular large vessels which take the holiday makers en masse.  It is so much nicer to do these trips yourself if you can afford it - and we miss the lovely Sophie and Mark who used to have an old fishing boat and would take you out as a family on your own with Mark navigating the seas.  We did that last time Janice and Mick came over so the thought of packing in on the Nafsika or the Alkion just didn't cut it!

They stayed and had lunch in Latchi - the sun and the sea air giving them an appetite for Sausage Sandwiches apparently (not Alicia of course being vegetarian) so a trip to Debbie's satisfied their needs before returning home.  I had been fed by the lovely Klaus and been given tea and stickies by our neighbours so tea tonight was going to be a very small affair!

The Pug has to go to the doctors tomorrow - fingers crossed the overheating issue will be resolved - we will incorporate a visit to Mum and Dads so we get to see them as we are conscious that we haven't spent as much time with them as we would normally still there is only so much of us to go round and with John's cousin and partner arriving tomorrow and Laura and Mark the day after we are going to be spread really thin.  I think we are going to need a holiday - will schedule that in sometime in 2020!

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