Thursday, 14 September 2017


I will have to apologise long and hard to my mother-in-law Janet for posting this photograph but this is what relaxation looks like Droushia style.

We are having a couple more days of the exceptionally hot weather for September and then I think I may even have seen a bit of rain forecast.

The pool looks lovely and although we are firmly into the 'it's lovely once you get in' territory it is lovely when you get in it just takes a little time for us females to get beyond the waist area and fully submerged!  Thank goodness for noodles and thank goodness for those little joining bits that we got in Jumbos.  Janet is safe and sound!

Boris had his own method of relaxing this morning - he was sound asleep on our bed with his favourite blinky pulled over his eyes!  Bless him he looked so comfy and cute I just gently removed his claw from the knitting and left him to it.

It is the beginning of a new week and Janet is happy for us to continue with our regular commitments as much as possible so I was going to art at Sheila and Klaus's and staying for lunch and John and his mum were off down to Polis.

I was going to walk down to Sheila's but was hoping to call in and see Laura and Mark at the spa so drove.  I got a phone call from Laura asking if I had any anti-histamines as she was suffering with prickly heat - I didn't so directed her to a chemist in Polis and she said she and Mark would go out and investigate so I knew they wouldn't be there when I finished art.

I felt like a child going back to school after the summer break as I had a new school bag courtesy of my mum in law.  It is perfect for taking my work backwards and forwards.  Sheila is still working on her Madonna and Child with lamb picture and Klaus was busy working on his gourds as he has successfully sold quite a few in the last week and got some commissions I think.

I am currently unconvinced about my latest project - the wood of the table is difficult and so for a change I have moved on to doing the hyacinth which is in the vase - this is causing me issues to so Sheila was subjected to a lot of huffing and puffing from my direction.  I am hoping that as the flower develops it will pull the whole picture together.

I had a call from Laura mid afternoon to say they were back and we all went down to the Spa to join them around the pool for a drink.  The spa is now practically empty - they don't mind as they have this lovely venue almost to themselves but one has to wonder how this can possibly survive like this.  It is so empty that there are very very few staff around and the restaurant is closed after 4.00pm!

We spent a pleasant hour or so sat under the shade having a drink before we had to leave.  I am well and truly back to school as belly dancing recommences today and Laura was coming with me to give it a go.  Di was bringing her neighbour Sally and Cara and Lynda pitched up so it was worth Sofi's while staying on after the smelly children had had ballet.

Sofi has videod our routine for our homework - OMG it is clear that the excesses of weeks of having visitors has taken its toll on my bingo wings and waistline - I am really going to have to exercise and exercise some restraint over the winter and I can't see that happening!!

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