Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Saturday John's Mum and I go out for the day...

It being Monday I had scheduled in a lie-in but the cats and my bladder had different ideas so I got to see the sunrise this morning although I hadn't planned to - it happens before 7.00am.  Boris is waging some personal vendetta against Fluffer up the road and they could be heard having a spat this morning.  Yesterday's encounter resulted in a bloody ear for Boris and the loss of this collar - I have no idea how Fluffer fared.  Today's bout hopefully sounded worse than it actually was but both John and I shot out of bed to go and rescue Boo and to make sure his recently repaired ear wasn't lacerated.  He pitched up none the worse for wear thank goodness but wanted a cuddle.  He and Minnie are driving us nuts because we cannot find anything they will eat on a regular basis.  They aren't wasting away but we are wasting food.

The Mighty Blades were taking on Sunderland today and Janet and I were banned from the house this afterenoon/evening.  The barbequed spare ribs were scheduled for this evening and so we started the day with brunch which included some of the beautiful eggs I had been given by Savvas the tyre man.  They come in all shapes and sizes and still covered in shit!  I could just imagine Janice's face if I had left them at the villa for her - no uniform size, no exterior cleanliness and no plastic egg box!!

On the subject of Janice she had left us with a shopping challenge.  Having purchased a pair of white sandals in Chrysanthou in the Mall and narrowly avoided some shoe-rage as she had the last pair of size 5's she had wanted the same ones in brown and black.  The Mall did not have them so Janet and I were going to the branch on the Mesoghi Avenue and then to the big one by Alpha Mega in search.  Fortunately we managed to get both pairs at the first shop thanks to a very helpful and eagle-eyed assistant.

Janet and I then whiled away some hours in the cool of the Mall - getting in to park was a challenge as I am guessing because it was so busy cars were backing up onto the big roundabout so they had cordoned off the normal entrance and we were being directed to go in the out which was causing some consternation particularly as you just knew someone inside hadn't got the brief and would insist on trying to get out what was now the in.  It was so busy ended up parking somewhere near Ayia Napa.  The little lovelies return to school on Monday so Jumbos was even more chaotic than normal.  We sought solace in a cuppa and in so doing met some lovely ladies over from Israel.

Janet's reward for being a good girl was to take a trip down to Akourdaleia to see the Herb Garden which has now been taken over by Elaine and Hadeel.  I was very sad when Elena and Hadeel parted company last year as Elena had always hoped that Hadeel would help with the future of her catering business Orexi.  For whatever reason this did not happen which was a shame but sometimes these things are meant to be.  On a previous visit we had taken Janet and Hadge to the Herb Garden when it was run by Caroline and Janet had liked it so I thought it would be nice to return.  There are changes inevitably and some pure Elaine touches to be seen dotted around the gardens - this is clearly work in progress but the seating area and room which used to be Caroline's shop is tastefully done.

The magnificent Olive Tree at the entrance is stunning - what stories that could tell - what things it has witnessed over the years - it is beautiful and now has little hearts with messages hanging from its branches.  We should have brought one in Jumbos and written on it - maybe next time.

We enjoyed a very nice pot of tea and some very nice orange/lemon/sultana cake - there were a couple of other ladies there enjoying the tranquility and the cake!  Elaine came down to say hello - it was her day off and she still has her own garden to take care of.  I haven't seen her for ages but she looks well - she has lost weight and grown her hair and it suits her.

On our return we were still barred from the lounge so in between going and saying goodbye to Lakis, Argy and Kia I set Janet up with a crafting project - she is decorating some tiles to make coasters and decorating some candles to give as gifts.  We are hoping she can take back some ideas and spend time crafting with Jacky when she returns.

The Blades were successful in their campaign and having been for coffee and said goodbye to the 2B crowd we only thought it fair to have a nightcap with the 11B residents (who got the remainder of the beef ribs and thought they were delicious).  Pam has a sister in Florida - she is concerned for her safety as Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc in that area.  Fingers crossed she, and anyone else we know (Scott and Sally-Anne) will be safe.

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