Saturday, 2 September 2017

The house is a bit topsy turvy now that we have a houseguest but Boris has found a comfortable place to grab a few hours peace and quiet.  Interestingly it has been Chivers who has packed his bags and moved out as he seems to be round with George and his family - in fact Andrew came and asked if it would be ok to give him the treats they had bought for him.  Charlie does go round but not anything like as much as I had expected - Boris and Minnie Mou keep their distance unless they happen to follow us round.

We left John's sister and family to have the day to themselves and to get lost trying to find Pomos and we went to the Mall and met mum and dad for some lunch.  Dad and I shared a Chinese again but this time got them to omit the barely blanched carrots which we had last time as they proved to be just a little hard on the teeth!  Needless to say we had the obligatory trip around Jumbos (our excuse was that John wanted to find some good noodles for when they all go on a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon on Monday and I go to art).  En route to the food hall John's mum spotted a dress she liked and so we were a little late reaching Mum and Dad but had a nice lunch and it gave Mum and Dad a chance to catch up with Janet.

The nice thing about having visitors is that we use the outside space at our home more than we do when it is just the two of us and we have a nice area at the front of the house which gets the last of the day's sunshine and we next to never sit there.  Should the house next door ever get its pool is right next door so it could be noisy so we really ought to use the space whilst we can.

It is nice to sit outside at night and have the candles lit but there are drawbacks - the light seems to attract those midgie flies (not mosquitos) and they bite me to death and if I forget to take in the candles and they are left out in the sun they start to resemble something from a Salvador Dali painting!!

We have two such casualties which I managed to light but which will have to be consigned to the bin if I am able to persuade them to relinquish their hold.

We sat out the front until we could no longer fend of those pesky no-see-ums and retired around to the back garden where for some reason they see less inclined to feed upon us - maybe the vases of basil which Mrs Australia left me are actually doing their job because they are on the dining table.

We chose to sit and eat out the back - only 'picky' tea as we had had a good meal lunchtime.  The weather has returned to something more like we would expect for this time of year as it was warmer and much less damp than in the previous few evenings.  I think the weather is set to get warmer from tomorrow which is good news for all those visitors we have arriving over the next few days and good news for us as we plan to eat in Finnikas tomorrow night in the courtyard - we are introducing John's family to a meze which could be a challenge.

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