Wednesday, 20 September 2017

We know it has been an emotional return to the Island for John's mum and over the last month we have experienced many firsts - experiences which will never seem quite so bad the second time round.  With her holiday coming to an end today we had more firsts to overcome.

It was overcast and muggy even in Droushia but nowhere near as overcast and muggy as it was down in Polis where we started the day purchasing some new tyres for the Pug - we will have to take it for the tracking to be done next but didn't have time today.  Whilst this was happening Janet and I went for a wander in the Polis Gardens which was a favourite spot for Janet and Hadge.  I am guessing that there are people who live in Polis that have never ventured there and don't know it exists.  In fact, Janet has seen the fountain working there once - something I have never witnessed

We strolled back through the square which was full of hustle and bustle - there must be a late flurry of holidaymakers to this end of the island - it's good to see because in a couple of weeks' time this area will go back to be quiet and sleepy.

We didn't have time to look at much before John rang to say that Savvas had fitted his tyres and he was on his way back - just as well really as we have serious concerns about the amount of 'stuff' that Janet is going to have to pack into her case with 22kg weight allowance and the second case John is taking back with him but for her!  Tomorrow when I am at pickleball they are on case packing and I shall be glad to leave them to it - John will have his mum whipped into military shape no doubt!

We left Polis to travel out to Pachyammos and the beautiful church of Saint Rafael.  We had all been there previously and the fact that there had been a selection of crutches left at one of the icons was of great significance to us all.

It had been suggested by my friend Yve that we should revisit the church and so we did to give Janet an opportunity to light a candle and we then took a while to wander around the church taking in all the fabulous murals which cover the whole of the inside of the walls telling the stories of the saints which it honours.

We went outside for a quite moment outside to sit by the tree with 'eyes' which will be looking out for Hadge and will be a place where we will return to remember him.  It was one of those firsts but it was done and we will have a special place to go back to when Janet returns next year.

We made our way back home (Mr Boo has to go to the vets this afternoon as the scratch he received just above his eye courtesy of Fluffer has gone septic and we don't want a repeat of his ear incident) via the sandwich place that sits on the bend in the road just before Pomos (or after depending on the direction you are travelling).

I have always fancied stopping there and sampling one of Koulla's sandwiches.  We had three different sandwiches (for which read massive pittas or gallouri style rolls)  two soft drinks, one frappe and a large bottle of water for €17.50.  I would certainly stop there again and if anyone is planning on a trip to Pomos you could pick up sandwiches for a picnic.  The quality and the view pipped Kanalli (above Pomos Harbour) for me - the last couple of times the food and service at Kanalli has been a bit lacking.

John found a friend whilst we were eating - not sure why it is we attract ginger or ginger influenced cats - this one was a sweetie but always kept a distance until some roast pork from John's lunch was on offer then it overcame its reticence for long enough to grab what was on offer.

We sat for a while amused by the group of men who were playing a game of Tavli - shouting and laughing - what a way to spend your retirement and what a fantastic place to do it.  Koula was lovely, a Canadian Cypriot who made us welcome and whose food was great plus she made an excellent frappe - just to my liking.

We got home and managed to get Mr Boo into the cat basket and down to Polis where Dr Maria (or Dr Inna) are in residence Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.  It is so much more convenient and so much less stressful to only have a 10 minute journey unlike the 20-25 minutes to St George's.  Boo was so good (except for wee-ing in the basket but fortunately I had put in a whole Daily Mail so that coped).  He is ok except for the wound which has formed an ulcer - Dr Maria has told us to look out for further ulcers just in case the wound was caused by a rat which would be potentially fatal - fortunately John saw the fight so we know it was Fluffer.

We then decided to tackle another first by returning to the winery at Vasillikon to recreate the photograph I took of Hadge but this time with Janet in it so she could have a double frame with matching photographs in it.  We were somewhat shocked that our route to the main road was blocked by six little black piglets that had obviously escaped from the nearby piggery.  Bless them they were having such fun running around the vineyard without a care in the world.  I managed to find someone (Kelly) who knew the owners so hopefully they were rounded up and returned home without incident.

We managed to catch the winery with 10 minutes before it closed - it has returned to closing at 6.00pm and I had forgotten but it gave it us enough time for a snifter for photographic purposes only and for John to spend some of his birthday money on a case of our favourite red wine.  The atmospheric conditions  meant there was little to no sunset tonight - somehow we never quite manage to get to the winery on a night when there is a really spectacular sunset!

Photograph taken we returned home.  No art or bellydancing for me today so it didn't feel like a Monday but I was quite glad of the rest.

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