Sunday, 1 October 2017

Another Fire...

I was having a day at home catching up on some housework and more washing - tidying up after our visitor and getting ready for the next lot.  I was quite oblivious to what was going on just down the road very close to Di and Rob.

On a very hot and sadly windy day a fire had broken out just below the development in front of the Tritonia houses and this was the view from Rob and Diana's garden - they were almost in touching distance - fortunately a development stood between them and the fire.

Before all this had broken out I was happily going about my chores and inbetween decided to try out a craft project which Mark Pamment had linked me into.   This was going to make use of some of the many corks we have accumulated  over the past weeks, months and years!

I had seen it before but his recent message prompted me into action so 96 split corks later, my hot glue gun and a brown bath mat from the shower room later I had managed to create my very own Vasilikon Winery cork step out mat for the shower and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the result.  It only needed its first try-out to convince me that this had been a good job well done because it feels lovely and warm and soft underfoot.

As I said to Mark afterwards I had enjoyed making the mat but not half as much as I had enjoyed the preparation beforehand amassing the corks!

Whilst I was on a roll I tidied up my craft box and decided to decorate on of the tiles left over from Janet's crafting afternoons to make a coaster for the spare room.  I have a load of serviettes left over so I chose one which had pretty tulips on it to match in with the floral curtains that are in there.

Crafting done I got on with more housework, managed to get my two loads of washing dried and sorted out some of the things which had been moved over into our bedroom and put them back next door.  The house is beginning to get back to normal and look more like our home.  Love having visitors but just wish we had more storage for them (and for us) oh and whilst I am at it an extra bathroom would be good too!

A text from Di then drew my attention to the drama unfolding on her doorstep - that and the fact that our house was being buzzed by water carrying helicopters which at one point flew so low over the top I thought we were in danger of getting a water bucket swipe off the roof!

The fire fighters worked for hours - so glad we have them (in what are apparently, according to Steve Haslam, Russian helicopters - He tells me: They are Kamov ka 32Ts. NATO reporting name Helix C. A civil derivative of the Russian Navy's ka 27. )  Whatever they are and wherever they come from they did a damn fine job and eventually managed to get the fire under control and then out, doing a final dousing down just to make absolutely sure before returning from whence they came somewhere Paphos way I think.

The poor bird in this photograph probably got the fright of its life when it came in close proximity with a bloody great water bucket!!

Anyway well done to the emergency services for saving the houses down below from any damage.  Let's just hope this was an accident and not some prat starting it on purpose.

I probably didn't get as much done around the house as I had intended as I kept dashing in and out to watch their progress and get a few snaps.

I had a hot date tonight, George had booked for me to go to Fitos with him, with him, Pam and their friends Gregory and Helen and son Paul to be exact.  Although I was pretty knackered it did mean I got a good meal and didn't have to cook for myself which was a bonus.

We had a lovely evening - it was quite chilly when we got to Kathikas so we sat inside in our favourite corner position and shut all the doors to stop the draft - regretted that about half way through the meal when it felt like a million degrees inside!  Anyway big thanks to George who paid - he offered me a nightcap before I went to bed and it seemed churlish to refuse although I try not to mix grape and grain these days - can't cope with the baggy head in the morning!

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