Tuesday, 14 November 2017

more madness

Yep I know people are now getting bored with the swimming story but it continues and this is how we start our day.  To be honest we keep staring at the thermometer in disbelief as the temperature is dropping but really slowly - sometimes in the summer it will plunge 2 degrees overnight and that is with the cover on but it doesn't seem to have moved 2 degrees in about the last month and this is without the cover, rain and very cool night-time temperatures.  So we continue and will continue to continue for a little while yet.

We are still concerned about Boris.  The place on his cheek which housed the abscess and where the vet so deftly pulled off his fur is almost unnoticeable but his breathing is still poor and he does this odd head twitch almost like he has forgotten he needs to breath through his mouth and tries to breath through his nose.   All cats got flea, tick, earmite and worm treatment today and we escaped relatively unscathed for once.

It was a badminton and pickleball day and we had some prospective newbies playing and sod's law the traffic from Droushia was dreadful so I was a little bit later arriving than planned but needn't have worried as Mum was a gem and made them feel welcome.  We are good for numbers at the moment which is great and means we don't have to worry about covering the rent.

I dragged mum off to Swanky Wags after pickleball - it has moved from the Coral Bay area to just along from where we play pickleball and is a much nicer shop than it was previously and has all sorts of nice 'things' in it and I wanted some little gifts for Christmas.  Our ladies lunch group has a secret santa and we limit the cost of the item to no more than 5 euros.  It is amazing what you can find for that money if you look.

John finished badminton early we went down to the Universal Area to find his cousin Karen and her partner Dip who had picked up the keys to their newly acquired apartment yesterday.  Karen was up to her ears in bleach when we arrived as she was giving everything a good 'bottoming' and making a note of all the things she wasn't planning on keeping - for which read just about everything!  Looks like she and Dip are going to have a busy couple of weeks!

They brought a couple of things out for us which included the photobook of John's 50th birthday bash which I was really excited about and dead chuffed with the end result - the creation of it nearly caused a divorce between John and I but I finished it off and sent it away to be printed without him knowing.  He loves it - he really loves it and it is a great record of a great day.  I had one made after our silver anniversary afternoon tea party and I look at it quite often - we rarely look at photographs so these coffee table books are a brilliant idea.

We are going to introduce Karen and Dip to the delights of the shops on the Mesoghi Avenue on Saturday and thereafter have a spot of bargain lunch at Tavernaki.  We decided we should stop and book a table there as it is always busy.  I bumped into Angela and Richard who were dining there - which was fortuitous as they return to the UK soon and we wont have time to catch up with them.

I am pleased to report that if any one is taken poorly chez-nous in the future that John has been certified!  He recently attended a course on CPR and use of an automated external defibrillator which is great - we just need to get an external defibrillator and we will be sorted.

I had put the leftover sausage casserole in the slow cooker in readiness for our return home.  You have to love a slow cooker and we enjoyed the casserole with some nuclear hot mashed potato, carrots and peas.

We might have both burned our tongues eating our tea but we were toasty warm for the remainder of the evening - we haven't really had to have any heating on yet which is good but we have people coming for a meal on Thursday and I don't have enough crocheted blankets to go round!! Fortunately the weather has improved so we are making a reasonable amount of electricity each day at the moment.

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