Friday, 17 November 2017

not the day we anticipated...

The day did not pan out as anticipated thanks to Mr Boo...

I had remembered that Art was cancelled for this week and thought I would drag John out for the morning maybe down to Paphos if I could get a hair appointment and we could spend a Monday together which is a rare occurrence so it was decided that if I could get an appointment we would go off together after our early morning dip.  We had a number of odds and sods that were on the list for Jumbos, then we could have a leisurely coffee and a spot of lunch and then home for a chill before belly dancing.

In the early hours Mr Boo came onto the bed.  He sounded snuffly and kept sneezing which was odd so I put on the light and was horrified to see that the side of this face was swollen up to the size of a pomelo and he had cuts and bruises all around his face and blood coming from his nose and no collar.  He had clearly been in another fight and had come off less than second best.  To be fair the side of his face had started to swell yesterday and was in the same place as he had an abscess a couple of weeks ago but the nose thing was horrendous.  I woke John so he could take a look and we settled Boo down but although he didn't whinge at all he was clearly in distress and his nose must have been blocked because he kept trying to clear it and would nod off to sleep and then wake himself up because he couldn't breath.  Ideally we wanted to be able to get him to the vets in Polis because it isn't so far to take him but there is only a vet there in the afternoon and I was concerned about the state of his nose.

This was about 6.00am and I knew I wouldn't be able to get an answer from the vets until later so there was nothing for it but to get ourselves organised and to go in for our morning dip whilst we are still able to do so.  We have now set ourselves a final milestone as our challenge but I am not saying what it is yet just in case we don't make it!  I thought I would don a different swimming costume today just so people don't think I only own one or that I am just posting the same old photos everyday because to be fair it is just a quick dip so the photos can't change much - except for the facial expressions I suppose!

I rang the main vets but couldn't get an appointment there until midday so the receptionist at Polis said she would treat him as an emergency and if we got to the clinic before afternoon surgery he would be seen straight away.  This meant keeping in for a few hours so that we would have him to hand to put in the basket when we needed to but meant shutting the cat-flaps and having to let the others in and out on demand which is a pain.

Once the appointment was settled I rang Lumi to get one for my hair and shot off without John who was on cat sitting duties and then went to help the old guy that the community office calls when there is a problem with water and water supplies.  He is about 104 and speaks little to no English and he had been called out to sort the water leak that had sprung outside Lakis and Argy's house which was nothing to do with their water supply but the water supply to the Hydrant which is there.  Between them they managed to sort it and it was just as well that John was there because Old Water Man was trying to join the pipes when the water was flowing through at full pressure so you can guess what was happening - as the pipes got close together he and the surrounding areas were getting a shower!

Mr Boo was so good and despite wandering from door to door and peering intently outside he stayed reasonably calm indoors - he must have been in such discomfort but he never moaned nor got spiteful (unlike Charlie).  We got him to the vets where she pulled off the fur on his cheek BY HAND!!! She then lanced the abscess and she, I, John and the rest of the examination room got splattered by thick gunky blood, then she injected the newly evacuated void with an antiseptic solution and gave him a jab, she then shoved her fingernail up his nose and a cotton bud and declared in her very deep and brusque Russian-English that his nose 'vud beee oak' - Mr Boo sat stoically on the table seemingly unconcerned by the whole episode - in fact he was so quiet on the way home that I made John stop the car to make sure he was still alive.  We realised him to the great outdoors on our return and he skipped away for some time but returned for food and a sleep later.

It is cool now in the evenings - in fact the temperature seems to drop sharply about 5.00pm but rise again later - we now draw the curtains in the conservatory to try and conserve the heat - it looks cosy if nothing else - the curtains aren't the best but they fit and I would dread to think what three pairs of full sized fully lined curtains for this room would cost over here so we are happy to make do!

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