Monday, 13 November 2017

Plumber plumber man

We had to be up early today because Alan the Plumber Plumber man was coming to finish off a couple of jobs for us.  We weren't exactly sure what time he would be arriving so our day started, as it has done now for quite some time, with an early morning dip - I shan't bore you with the photographs because they now look much the same - me in my trusty black swimming costume (carefully chosen because it is supposed to be a 'body-shaper' and I need all the help I can get) sporting bed hair quickly getting into the water, swooshing about a bit and then beating a hasty retreat followed by John who gets in, submerges himself and declares that it is 'not too bad', not to bad compared to a dip in the Fjords granted but not too good either!

I quickly flung on some clothes as Alan arrived at 8.00am - well he did say he would come first thing which we had sort of thought might be nearer 9.00am and hid myself away as I was decidedly not looking my best - in fact I had to hide my hair with my 'land girls' headscarf!  I thought that the roof terrace would be my best bet and set about chopping back the clock vine so it is a bit more manageable and a bit less messy - it has grown along both sides of the railings up top and the dead flowers are creating a mushy carpet underfoot in John's man-shed which is the tiny gap between the kitchen wall and the gazebo.  As it is still flowering I didn't want to cut it back completely and we have visitors again next week so it would look nicer in the garden with it still clambering up the wall.

Alan was not here long - he fitted the in-line water softener and the other thing (no idea what it was called) onto the roof above the panels (some sort of valve I think) and whatever else it was that he was supposed to be doing and we had a chat, me from the safety of the roof opposite and partially hidden by the clockvine and the fact that if he were to look across to speak to me I would have been a silhouette with full sun behind me - that seemed reasonably safe in my opinion.  No self-respecting plumber wants to encounter crazy bed-head woman that early in the day.

My next job was to tackle the olive tree which we like to keep cropped close with little pom-poms at the end of the branches.  This has been a bit neglected of late not least because the passion flower and the corkscrew vine had made their way up amongst the higher echelons and so I hadn't been able to keep the pom-poms in check.  I had to consult my oracle (Elaine) on the care of the corkscrew vine, this being its first year chez-nous - she informs me that it should be cut hard back and will return.  I do hope so as I have been desperate to have one of these in our garden.

We finished off all the chores we had scheduled for today and decided to treat ourselves to a trip to the Winery as we needed to replenish our stocks of Agios Onoufrious.

It was bright and sunny but the wind was cool and we decided that we would brave it and sit out on the terrace.  Clearly they had not been expecting any nutters to do so as the chairs were all stacked away but John carried a couple out and we then began to set a trend as a couple of other cars pulled up and others seeing us sitting outside decided to do the same.

We plumped for lounza and halloumi pittas accompanied by a glass of our favourite tipple and it didn't disappoint.  I am guessing we will soon be trying the 2016 vintage - 2015 was a really nice drop of vino so hope 2016 will be too.

When Sally and Tommy visited this time last year we came to the winery for a drinkie and the meat and cheese platters and it was here that Tommy introduced us to the panorama function on this phone - it has never occurred to us to even look to see if we had in one ours until then!  On that day we did the run round to be in both ends of the photograph and we decided to recreate the photograph again today - little things please little minds!

We returned home to finish watching Utopia - a strange series which we thoroughly enjoyed 

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