Friday, 8 December 2017

The first winter burning...

We were supposed to be going out today with friends but it got postponed because someone had to be stretchered off of the Badminton court on Tuesday and ended up being taken to hospital.  That someone was not John but it is a salutary lesson to us all that we need to make sure we don't overdo things particularly if we are nursing an injury - hope you are listening JOHN!!!

We had some shopping to do - the cupboards and fridges at home are the barest I have ever seen them - no hope of any sort of fridge surprise coming from that direction and we needed to get some money - having had Bassam here last week and having him back next week for another job means that our ready cash has been seriously depleted to the point of nothingness!

We called into the post office and picked up post for Sheila and Klaus, Rob and Di and John and Susan.  We had hoped to grab a coffee with Rob and Di or John and Susan but neither couple were in.  We have only seen John and Susan once since John's 50th birthday although we did pass Susan on our way down to Polis today as she was doing her regular cycle ride up the hill.  Sadly we don't have Millie to feed when they go away now and subsequently we rarely see them socially now that John no longer goes to watch ENAD play and their interests mean they move in different social circles to us.

Polis was a veritable hive of activity, we had a fruitless visit to the post office to return my Amazon parcel as it was supposed to be a 'drop off' and they wanted to charge around €35 and a fruitless visit to CYTA to see whether it was worth dropping our landline at home - it wasn't! But our shopping trip in Paps was good and we bumped into all sorts of people we know which rarely happens.

Although it was a bright day I was feeling a bit under par - I wasn't too upset that our trip out was postponed to be honest and because it had been we decided to light the woodburner as it would give John and opportunity to check it was working properly after we had had it serviced the other week. The bright day led to a cool evening so the fire was very welcome even though eventually we were too hot and had to have windows and doors opened.

Boris was most appreciative - he got snuggled down on John's lap and made himself comfortable.  Boris is currently scratch free and injury free and has managed to keep his collar on for at least a couple of days - he is such a sweetie that I hate it when he is poorly.

Just to show you what I mean about the temperature at 6.00pm it was 12 degrees out but 21 degrees in and rising - Charlie wandered in and made himself comfy too which left the bed free for Chivers and Minnie - Minnie has the hump with us at the moment as we have had to treat her ears again - she suffers with earmites and we seem to get them under control and then they reappear.  It is always a battle to get hold of her and get the stuff in her ears and I failed miserably today to squirt it in and then squidge it round so she managed to get a massive head shake in and the majority of the gunk covered me and covered John who was less than amused by my inefficiency - no change there then!

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