Thursday, 25 January 2018

making the most of good weather...

So far we have been quite lucky this winter - it has been nothing like as wet as last year, nor as cold as I realise I have yet to really need to wear my boots which is good however generally the worst of our weather comes now - looking back we have had snow in February several times.  The wet weather we have had so far has come in the evening or overnight - we obviously had rain again last night and the mackerel sky at 6.30ish this morning was the last remnants of the storm.

Yesterday I treated John and I to a new thick cuddly throw from Paps.  It is a massive one to fit our king sized bed and is double thickness - it is, to coin a phrase, gert lush and although initially the cats were very wary of this big new bear lying on the bed, preferring to keep to the safety of the brown blinkie my sister knitted, Boris became much braver and once comfortable stretched out full length without any concerns although Minnie Mou was only happy to let her tail have contact with this new addition.  I am going to have to do some serious tidying up to the brown blinkie - it is looking so bedraggled but the cats just love it.

It was a different Tuesday for us because I was playing pickleball on Thursday to make up the numbers and John's cousin Karen's partner Dip had arrived yesterday with a mate to decorate their apartment and he had phoned this morning to ask to borrow some ladders, dust sheets and tools to get the job finished.

I had managed to get a hair appointment with the lovely Lumi today which was fantastic as I was beginning to look like a cross between Edward Scissorhands and Donald Trump!  This meant that we packed up the car with the things Dip needed and headed off to Paphos to drop them off and then get my hair cut.

Once Dip and his mate have got the apartment decorated we hope to catch up with them and have a meal - it is only a one bedroom apartment so it is hardly going to take them the whole 11 days they are over here.

We had a little time to waste before my haircut and inevitably there were some bits we needed from Jumbos.  It was rather more chaotic in Jumbos than normal as they were packing away the Christmas stock and doing a stock check at the same time - blimey all those little tree decorations having to be counted!

The Christmas stock was being replaced with Carnival stock - Carnival season is in February but I have to say a lot of the dressing up things were more suited to Halloween!!

John couldn't resist trying out some of the masks but he stopped short of buying one thank goodness!

We managed to find some new storage boxes for my herbs and spices - John was ecstatic as he has been going on about getting some new ones and once purchased I knew what my afternoon was going to entail!

We treated ourselves to a new culinary experience whilst we were there - we still have some Esso vouchers to use and so opted for burritos from TacoBell - buy one get one free.  We both had a crispy chicken burrito, shared some chips and a drink and that cost us just 7 euros!

We came home, I sorted the herbs and spices under John's supervision, battened down the hatches as bad weather was forecast and then caught up with The Tunnel - wow that is dark and creepy!

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