Wednesday, 21 March 2018

up and at 'em - the last of my catch up posts...

We had a trip down to Paphos this morning to the flat in Universal that John's relatives bought last year and which they decorated throughout earlier this year and then we had some awful rain and they had some water find its way inside.  The insurance assessor was coming and we were letting him in.  It was a bright day but the wind is still chilly and I opted to stand on the balcony in the sun to wait the assessor's arrival and took a photograph of the view from there.  When we first started coming to Cyprus Universal didn't exist, it is a man-made area of complexes all generally situated around a pool and appears to be popular with the younger generation as it is clean and modern.  Just down the road to the left of this picture there is a huge development which looks like it will house a new shopping centre which will be a great addition.

We dealt with the assessor and his mate and then called into G&P's en route to see Mum and Dad.  We are contemplating tiling the red wall behind the woodburner.  I like the red wall but John doesn't even though he chose the colour!!!  Anyway if you are looking for some cheap tiles it is always worth looking out the back of G&P's because these are their leftovers and if they have enough for the job you can pick them up very cheaply.  There were several which we quite liked but with time running short we decided to come back and have a better look when we have more time.

Dad is making slow progress - he is being seen by the hospital almost every other day so we must assume that they have it all in hand.  We made sure he was ok and then went on to pickleball.  Blimey playing with John, John and Liselotte for an hour before Kyle was able to join us (Di is currently away) absolutely wore me out.  I was so glad when Kyle arrived but he has become a stong player so you don't get any respite from him.  I am hoping that we will be able to continue to fit him in on a Friday which is the only day he is able to play now that Mum has been told she is able to return to playing.  She had her first game back after a long break yesterday and said she got on ok under the circumstances so I know she will be itching to get back to her old routine.  I just wish we could find someone else to make up the numbers on a Thursday but as yet we are still to find someone.

The weather down in Emba had been bright but as we travelled home we could see that there was a storm either brewing, or already in action, ahead of us.  On the hills above Tsada it was as black as your hat.  No detour to Paps bakery for food tonight we had leftover curry from Wednesday in the fridge complete with rice and naan bread so it only needed heating through and we would be ready to go.

We had just got home when the heavens opened and we had a heavy and noisy hail storm to contend with and to wreak havoc in the garden.  It probably sounded worse than it was because it was falling onto the glass roof of the conservatory but it was short-lived thankfully.

It being our big Friday night in meant that we sat down to a movie this evening before John watched the Sheffield United game (which they lost).  We selected the Oscar nominated Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri which we both enjoyed although thought the ending was odd.  If you haven't seen it and plan to then I wont spoil it by saying anything about it save to say that we thought the performances of the lead characters was excellent and we can see why it has been nominated for so many gongs.

As I said I retired to bed early to leave John to but himself through the hell that is being a Blades Supporter - tonight tested his loyalty to the max as he declared them to have been woeful (or something like that!!!).

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