Saturday, 14 April 2018

Easter Sunday

The weather as forecast was changeable and much cooler today so our Easter lunch with Lakis, Argy and Kia was to be taken indoors and not out for which Mum was no doubt very grateful as she feels the cold.  I had made some coleslaw and pickled beetroot to take with us as our contribution and once Mum arrived from Emba we were ready to go.

Despite very little sleep last night by our standards we were remarkably fresh thing considered.  Lakis was busy threading huge chunks of lamb onto his traditional Cypriot barbeque whilst Argy and Kia were in the kitchen preparing a feast fit for a battalion of starving squadies and there were only going to be six of us and neither Mum nor Kia eat that much! We started with all sorts of dips and nibbles before the main event thankfully this was all consumed over a lengthy period of time and consumed with copious amounts of wine.

Mum and I took time out to go and pay a visit to Dad.  The two graves to the right of Dad had both been cleared of their old flowers and planted up so they now form a neat and tidy line of three.  Dad's flowers look good - thanks to Klaus for his constant care and watering in that direction.  Mum and I exchanged a few words with one of the local old ladies, well I did explaining that the grave was that of my Dad.  I am guessing it is quite unusual to have a non-Cypriot non-Droushia resident buried there but as we live in the village and own our house we were entitled to a family plot and we had wanted that we are all eventually laid to rest together.  Mum made her way home - I hope she had enjoyed a slightly different experience this Sunday.

I returned to 2B where we remained until early evening chatting and drinking and putting the world to rights before saying out goodbyes but not before agreeing to return tomorrow to finish off the lamb souvla.

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