Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Our days are beginning to fall into a more familiar pattern so it being Friday meant a trip down to Emba to play pickleball which we all enjoy.  Mum and Danish John (who isn't but that is the easiest way to differentiate between him and my John) have a good natured rivalry.  We had some chores to do en route so arranged to meet Mum at the court and got our recycling sorted beforehand and chopped in John's empty Leon crate for a replenished one - this costs a massive €9.99 for 12 bottles!

There were just five of us playing today - I had thought Kyle would come but obviously his new job prevented him from doing so.  This meant that my newly constructed playing list that had caused me such problems and caused much heated debate between John and myself was rendered unnecessary which is typical.  We reverted to my five players list which is still subject to debate as to whether the rotations are correct.

I went back for a cuppa with Mum afterwards leaving John to go to the garden centre to chose a plant to give to Argy on Sunday when we have all been invited to spend Easter Sunday with them.  Today is Good Friday here in Cyprus but all the shops seemed to be open and John returned with a pretty azalea in a nice ceramic pot.  Argy will be able to enjoy this indoors whilst she and Lakis and Kia are here and then I expect I will become custodian until they are able to put it outside more permanently.

When we had picked Danish John up yesterday to take him down to Paphos to pick up his Mercedes I had admired a yellow flowering shrub that he had in his garden - it is always good to see things which grow well in this area because if they do there is every chance it might survive in our garden.

Bless him he took a cutting of it and called into the London Road garden centre to find out what it was and to ascertain that they had them there for sale.  It is apparently a plant called Coronilla and leaves and flowers which reminds me of a pea plant which isn't surprising as it is part of the vetch family.

I persuaded John to call into London Road on our way home and managed to locate one which I think I will be able to grow into a standard.

I am going to redo the front garden.  For some reason neither our lemon tree nor the 'lime' are thriving no matter what I do with them - I don't understand the 'lime' which was doing so well earlier this year and then has just faded away - I wonder if we planted them in an area of the garden where there is very little depth of soil - whatever the problem they look awful and that part of the garden is messy so Coronilla will feature here particularly as the blooms are heavily scented and this is what visitors will pass en route to the front door.  This is to be my project whilst John is away or at least that is the plan!

We had decided we would make the most of the evening sunshine before taking a shower and cooking our evening meal.  We are so lucky to have the roof terrace and tonight it was so warm that John took the brolly up there and we sat taking in the view, him with a shandy and me with a can or Rekorderlig cider of which my Dad was so fond.

As always happens when we are at home together the cats come and join us.  At the moment, as it is Easter, the local lads run amok with fire crackers which frighten the cats so we are always glad when we have done a head count and seen them all.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us so decided to chill tonight before we are super busy.  John had done the shopping earlier in the week and had decided upon Pork Tenderloin for this evening which I was going to cook along with some roasties (courtesy of Paps) and a salad but not before we had made the most of the sunshine.  The village is lively at the moment and there were groups of people taking an early evening stroll along the road - this causes Charlie to go into full-on guard-cat mode as he growls at the passers by!

Charlie has Boris as his apprentice and together they kept an eye on proceedings!  We drank our drinks and reluctantly moved inside to pork tenderloin cooked in a lime and chilli sauce with the potatoes and salad which John declared to have been as good as fillet steak which is good enough in my book.  I love to cook for him!

An early night followed as we are going to try and attend the midnight service in the village church tomorrow!

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