Monday, 2 July 2018


The weather over the last few days has been poor - not anything like what we would expect for June - low temperatures, overcast skies and rain - more like a British summer and we are racing towards the shortest day.  We are therefore pleased that the new solar panels we had installed are proving their worth as we need much less sunshine to have good amounts of hot water - this is particularly satisfying on a Monday when I have art and like to arrive at Sheila's looking half decent.  I drove today as it looked like rain and am pleased to say the psychobilly builders hard at it at Lakis and Argy's.  After last night's storm I called into the cemetery to see if the flowers at Dad's had survived - they were shaken not stirred thankfully.

I am continuing working on my poppy picture and today managed to complete most of the glass vase and started on the wooden table underneath.  It is coming along nicely.  At this point I must say a great big thank you to Klaus who sorted out the mystery that was trying to do mum's tax return on the new Cypriot on-line system - I should have realised that here a decimal point is a decimal comma and that amendment meant the computer no longer said NO.

Bach home for a quiet afternoon as we plan to tackle the door surrounds in the bedroom building - we only stripped the one around the bathroom about three years ago and it has remained like that ever since.  Who thought painting them nicotine brown with a high gloss paint that stuck like shit to a shovel was a good idea????  I can stand them no longer so it is just a question of grin and bear it and copious amounts of paint stripper and elbow grease.  John has often contemplated having them ripped out and replaced with new but I have always worried about how much damage this might cause to the surrounding areas.

All quiet on the Western front this evening before England's opening World Cup match against that well known footballing nation that is Tunisia.  The cooler temperatures mean the cats are in more than usual and Mr Boo in particular is looking relaxed in his new bed.  Charlie periodically ousts Mr Boo from this spot - I think it is done just to assert his authority!

I didn't stay up for the football - John did and he says I didn't miss much even though they secured a 2-1 win with an injury time goal. I preferred to relax in bed with my tablet!  If they manage to progress a little further in the competition I will watch them.

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