Saturday, 4 August 2018

Day Two of Hazel's Holiday.

An absolute nightmare this morning because my lovely lovely Boo was missing and I know we saw him last evening but he is always, and I mean always, here for breakfast, round my feet and talking to me but this morning nothing.  If I want him I call him and he will come from wherever he is, talking all the way, but again nothing.  I was beside myself and John and I went around the estate calling and calling but he did not appear.  This was such a worry after John had had to deal with a snake out on our path this week - I feared that this may have been what Boris had encountered and I was filled with dread.  Hazel and I were going out today on a summer dress hunt but my heart wasn't in it.  Eventually John persuaded us to go and he said he would let me know if Boris returned.

We set off with heavy hearts - this behaviour was so out of the norm that really we feared the worst but as we left the environs of Droushia at around 10.00am (four hours after we would expect to have seen Boo Boo) we received a phone call from John to say that Boris had pitched up battered and bruised having been in a fight and minus his new collar.  Apparently he came to the garden but would not go in the house which makes us think he may well have been locked in somewhere until he appeared.

I was so relieved - I really cant begin to tell you how relieved but the whole experience had left me feeling so sad - I know that he is 'only a cat' but he is my cat and I love him to bits so even though I knew he was back home I wasn't going to relax until I had seen him for myself.

Hazel and I headed down to Peyia stopping off at a couple of places to admire the view and take photographs.

We did a quick detour through Pikni Forest to come out at the edge which overlooks Peyia - Hazel isn't so keen on off-roading so made me stop well in advance of Kenny taking a nosedive over the side!  It is a stunning view but oh my lord how big Peyia has grown and is still growing - it would be interesting to see if I have a photograph from previously taken in the same spot - I believe that I have and I am guessing even if it was only taken a couple of years ago you could see the difference.

We stopped in the Clothing Lounge in Peyia which was successful and Cath was wo-manning the till and Mum used to go down and have coffee with her when she worked in Chic next to Paps in Chloraka.  Cath said she had seen Mum the other day and thought she looked reasonably ok under the circumstances which is good for me to hear.

We decided to continue on to the Mall where it would be cool and we could grab a coffee and continue our search for summer dresses.  This is the only time I have ever traversed Jumbos simply to get from one floor to the other without stopping!!!

Again in Pull and Bear we were successful and Hazel emerged a happy chappy or chappess clutching not one but two new dresses.  In fact we were looking at one dress when a Cypriot lady shopper decided to take over our decision making process and was determined to find the correct size for Hazel!  Bless her she was successful!

We came home victorious and were feeling much happier than when we left and even happier when we saw Boris for ourselves.  He is clearly out of sorts and sporting some nasty cuts and grazes but he has eaten and has remained around the house even if he hasn't ventured inside.

We decided that after our swim we would get ready and go to the winery to have a drink and buy some bottles before doing to Steni for our evening meal.

The winery shuts at 6.00pm so it was to be a fleeting visit but Hazel got to sample their very nice 2017 white Vasilikon and her new dress looks lovely.  Hazel Ford - international woman of mystery!!!

It was very pleasant sat at the winery if not a little windy albeit a warm wind so it did nothing for our nicely coiffed hair!

I was driver tonight and so we made our way across to Steni and the WaterMill where we had planned to have supper.

The food at Steni is plentiful to say the least and tonight we were served by an exceptionally pleasant Egyptian lad.  We had a lovely meal and came home clutching a box of uneaten Koupes and Falafel although to be fair I have no idea when we are going to have time to eat them!

We had been invited to our neighbours for a nightcap which we accepted.  It was a balmy evening sat in their courtyard speculating about what is happening with the house next door.

After a rocky old start the day panned out really quite nicely - day two of Hazel's holiday over.

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