Tuesday, 18 October 2011

More Goodbyes...

Today we were having Mum and Dad, Aunty Norma and Uncle Tommy up for lunch and then to stay with us until we all went to Kathikas for a meal at Yiannis.  Aunty Norma and Uncle Tommy return to Cornwall on Wednesday so it will be time for us to say our goodbyes.

We had to get this morning over with first and that meant Irene taking poor little Chivs to the vets.  He has been looking very sorry for himself and I weighed him again today and his weight is under the 1200 grams that he weighed last week.  I am such an expert on his poo I should get a certificate and his poor bum must be on fire - yours would be if you had the runs like he has!

Anyway Irene took him and the vet said that he was having an adverse reaction to the cat flu jab he had last Monday and that with some antibiotics and some special food he should begin to pick up.  Chivs looked very very sorry for himself having had a jab and a quarter tablet shoved down his throat and was extremely quiet all day. 

However, we have just got in from Kathikas and he is leaping around like the Duracell Bunny and is helping me with the blog - he is SOOOOO fascinated by the laptops.  Even more exciting (for us) is that his poo no longer ressembles Colman's Mustard - more like French Dijon! - the expensive kitten food must be working.

Back to the rest of the day Mum and Co arrived at around 12.00 - the weather was warm and sunny but rather windy.  Around the side of the house it was quite pleasant so we sat outside before lunch. 

It was a 'picky' affair with a bit of everything except the bloody Koupies that I had bought specially and which remained forgotten in the microwave!

It was nice to have Aunty Norma and Uncle Tommy up with us again - it has been lovely to see Dad's family here in Cyprus and show them our home and where we live.  Aunty Norm gave us a really cute crystal cat as a little present.  We have put him on the shelf with our other cat ornaments and when we look at it it will remind us of them.  Hopefully Uncle Tom will get his dodgy knee sorted out real soon.

After lunch we left Dad to have his afternoon snooze, and Uncle Tom to read his book (the James Patterson novel that Laura left behind so thanks Laura) and John to babysit them both!  Mum, Aunty Norma and I went down to Ayia Marina and the Garden Centre to go and get Mum a plant with the money that Kaye had left for her.  Originally Mum had seen a bottlebrush plant which she wanted but when we explained it could grow into a tree she said she wanted to get something that could go in a pot.  Anyway she chose a euphorbia the same as I had bought the other day and we managed to find a really nice pot for it to go in.  So Kaye the picture is for you so that you can see where your money went!

On our way back up to Droushia we could see the weather coming in from Lara was dreadful - the sky was as black as your hat with streaks of lightening mingled in.  We rushed home to try and get there before the rain started and just about managed it but the strange sea mist had already started rolling in and the winds picking up.  John went out to secure the gazebo which the car sits under and I ran round trying to put all the cushions somewhere dry.

What a turn round - the rain was heavy but shortlived fortunately and so it was dry when we went out to Kathikas.  We were all anticipating it being very cold in Yiannis but quite the opposite - it was toasty warm inside.

Our meal was excellent - again - but far too much food and we all struggled to eat our meals but we did enjoy what we had.  The sad bit came when we had to say goodbye to Aunty Norma and Uncle Tommy - lets hope they have a completely uneventful trip home.

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