Saturday, 19 November 2011

Victory at Last...

Well faithful followers you will be pleased to know that Spyro's Neighbours have been victorious at long last!!!  We were joined by Mum and Dad's old neighbours Dot and Phil in the hopes that they would add an extra dimension to our normal team (old in that they used to be neighbours rather than it being a comment on their ages!). 

Dot, you will remember, is the lady who forgot to go the the cream tea the other week so we pulled her leg when she actually remembered to arrive on time!!!  We won a round - claiming our bottle of red drain cleaner posing as Spanish wine and at the end, taking into consideration that Team Craft were on penalties, took the whole competition - earning ourselves two bottles of bubbly - it isnt the prize it is the victory that counts (clearly as we have yet to win anything decent in a bottle!!).  We arrived home exhausted from the adrenaline rush!!

We did intend to watch some catch-up TV but John ended up checking his eyelids for pin-holes whilst Minnie Mou decided to give him a quick lick and a promise!  She looks like she is going to be like our old cat Pinkie who was a great one for sucking hair or fluffy jumpers - we think this was because she lost her mother at a very early age which is the same for Minnie Mou.

The weather forecast for the next week is an improvement - bloody good job is what I say - my idea of Living the Dream did not include bailing out!!! 

Both cats are sun lovers so as the sun was shining this morning they whinged and whinged to go out - Minnie Mou hates being left out so we relented and let her go with her idol Chivers - they play well together and today it was a game of hide and seek - I think MM thought she had found a good hidey-hole but Chivers was no fool and was quickly on her case!!!  They egg each other on and are getting braver and braver - I guess they will soon realise that there is a whole new world the other side of our garden fences.

Periodically we have to get the two of them indoors and when we do boy can Minnie Mou sulk - she looks like a petulant child in this picture moaning that "IT'S NOT FAIR!" 

Fortunately it is only a matter of time before Chivers calms her down, gives her a cuddle and gets her to sleep!

John was successful in our hunt for roller blinds yesterday when he managed to find two beige ones in Superhome Centre in Paphos for €50 which we didnt think was expensive.

We thought that the addition of blinds would let us keep the sun out or hide the rain without making the room too dark and in the winter provide an extra layer to keep the heat in.  We probably should have thought about it before but better late than never. 

John doesn't think they look straight (but then nothing is straight or square in this house!!) but I think they look great and serve their purpose brilliantly.

Having completed this bit of DIY we had to venture down into Polis to do some food shopping - we called in via the post box and good old Greg has provided us with another DVD - this time all sorts of comedy greats which we intend to watch later on this evening accompanied by a home-made curry - it is Friday afterall and Friday always used to be film and takeaway night for us in Yeovil - we continue the tradition so that weekends remain special even though now we aren't working everyday is like the weekend!

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