Friday, 17 August 2012

Hello Haze...

So today was the day that Hazel arrived and some last minute cleaning of the pool ended up with the discovery of a rather unwelcome guest in the form of a scorpion - fortunately by the time we found it, it was a dead one!  This is only the second one we have encountered during our time here - both in the pool and both had met their maker!

We are feeling somewhat bereft now that the Olympics is over - it feels very strange not to keep checking to see whether or not we have been awarded a medal or to watch some obscure sport which we have never watched before and shout our competitors home.  John is the first to admit he was convinced that it was going to be an unmitigated failure but hats off to all those involved - particularly the armed forces who, as always, were called in at the eleventh hour.  We are now looking forward to the paralympics - let's hope it gets the support and coverage it deserves.  We did not catch all of the closing ceremony but when did George Michael learn to dance like your Dad at a wedding - so past his best unfortunately.

Hazel's Easyjet flight from Bristol came in half an hour early and came through arrivals looking fresh as a daisy and not a ra-ra skirt in sight - she said she had a brilliant flight and chatted all the way to the woman sitting next to her - this will have come as no difficulty to Hazel who can chat for England - in fact if it had been in the Olympics she would have got gold!  There were no unfortunate incidents at the airport thank goodness so an uneventful trip back to Droushia saw us sitting under the Gazebo until the wee small hours catching up - all the past few months just rolled away.  John and I thought it was a bit chilly and there was heavy condensation but Hazel thought it was lovely - I guess after the summer she has had in the UK then it would feel nice.

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  1. hope you guys have had a great time catching up and enjoying that lovely weather - you have missed a lot of rain Hazel although it has been warm x