Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Kenny tries to thwart the day...

 Back in the day when Kenny was brand new I am guessing that he would have looked something like the photograph above.  He is now about 11 years old and is showing the signs of exposure to the sun, exposure to the rough old roads and exposure to the crap drivers here in Cyprus.  He is normally though, our trusty work-horse and we have loaned him to our friends Barry, Lynne and Joseph whilst they are here on holiday.  They were driving up to visit us today and we had planned swims and lunch down in Latchi followed by more swims.  Instead we had a phonecall this morning to say that Kenny was dead - who killed Kenny?  We don't know exactly but in the end we decided not to put our trust in the Rescue Line but shot down to the Athena Beach to suss out the problem for ourselves.  It was something that had drained the battery and as it happened, with a bit of shuffling and pushing to move Kenny from his parking slot where he had been parked facing inwards, Barry and John managed to get our two cars close enough to jump start Kenny.  Phew, disaster averted and a little later than planned we all set off back to Droushia.

We started with lunch down at Molos.  Forgetting it is peak holiday season we were surprised to find it absolutely packed - in the end they had to do some shuffling (a bit of a theme for today) to get a table for us.  We like Molos for lunch, in fact we like Molos at any time but their light lunches are delicious and such good value.  Just for a change I went for the steak sandwich instead of the chicken wrap and it was huge - delicious but huge!  Molos was declared a huge success and whilst we were there Barry was able to investigate hiring a boat so that they and friends could go to the Blue Lagoon.

We then drove back to ours for a relaxing afternoon.  Lynne has had a bit of a bad year so far with the unexpected death of her father.  We weren't sure whether she would feel up to visiting this year so we were really glad when they decided they could.  We dealt with the 'elephant in the room' and just spoke briefly about the events earlier this year and then concentrated on having a relaxing time with a bit of a laugh thrown in which I think we managed pretty well.

The afternoon flew by and we wondered if they might like to investigate the village and maybe experience a really typical village meal - they jumped at the chance so we wandered down to Finnikas and the courtyard.  To say they were blown away with the surroundings was an understatement - for them this was exactly what Cyprus was all about.  We didn't have a big meal but what we had was delicious and we were well impressed by Joseph who ordered spaghetti bolognaise - ate it all and declared it to be delicious.

We are hopeful that we might all meet up again next week and go to the Last Castle and then before we know it we will be picking the car back up from them and will be saying goodbye for another year.  We always have such a good time with them.

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