Monday, 29 August 2016

Lunch at Tala

I have to squeeze in doing the blog as and when I can manage it when we have visitors and when John is not trying to watch something on TV because when I add a photo it affects the TV and he gets annoyed with me.  So today having done hours of ironing I am just sitting down to catch up before he comes home from Badminton.

It is Monday and I am trying to continue going to Art as much as I can - today I am going early but not staying for one of Klaus's lovely lunches - we are meeting up with Mum and Dad at Tala Monastery because we didn't see them yesterday.  So I walked to Art as John was going down to Polis to pick up his folks.  Even though it is still only August there is a definite shift to the weather - it is much cooler at night and with the colours of the flowers you could almost be forgiven for feeling there is a slight autumnal feel up here in Droushia.

The village is still busier than normal but we are getting to the tail end of the holidays for those South African, Australian or Canadian ex Droushians who return each year to stay in their home village.  The post had not been sorted today as it was still sitting on the chair outside Cafe Vrisi - Andri's touches are everywhere as this is now much more of a working cafe - we have had pittas here twice and they are lovely.  So good to have a choice as to where we eat in the village and to know it will be open.

I am making steady progress on my picture for Lola - not quick enough for Lola's liking as she is feeling disadvantaged because Amoura and Rabia already have one of my works of art.  The order of the day is blend blend blend to get the petals on the rose looking something like they should do sort of faded and vintage.

Our lunchtime visit was to a venue which we love and which Janet and Hadge have not been to before.  This little oasis seems to have a micro-climate all of its own, warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer - it must be something to do with the canopy of trees.  It was packed when we arrived but by the time our food arrived had thinned out a bit.  The food is simple and freshly cooked and the carrot cake (from Paps) to die for as we well know.  We were just about to settle for our food when up popped Lou and H having a well earned break from dogging (pet grooming) before heading off to their next appointment in Emba.  We plan to catch up with them next week - haven't seen them since the fateful lunch at the Fly Again.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch before heading back up the hill to Droushia for a swim before taking J and H back to their apartment where we settled for a simple supper of cheese and biscuits followed by a game of Mexican Trains. To be honest we could have done with some head torches by the time we finished as it was getting quite dark - lots of opportunity for cheating as we none of us could make out the spots on the doms!

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