Monday, 21 August 2017

The heat is on...

We were up early this morning as we had a lot we wanted to do before we took Kenny down to have his radiator flushed and then we were going to drag Mum and Dad down to the Mall for lunch and a mooch.  The decorating is a priority - more than anything we want to get it done so we can sit down and watch the TV in peace because at the moment all the furniture is pushed to one side and covered up so it doesn't get paint on it.  Although the main wall had been a coffee colour it is covering reasonably well but the light in the room is poor and are cast all over the place so we cannot be sure what has been missed and what is a shadow.  We are hopeful that a coat this morning and another after that will be sufficient for the time being at least.

We both drive down to Paphos so that Kenny can be left and we can go on to Mum and Dads.  Mum has been to the hospital to get an injection in her trigger finger.  If this doesn't work then she will have to have an operation if she wishes to continue to play pickleball so fingers crossed this works.

Before going out we did a bit of rearranging in their house and swapped over the computer station with the ironing board so the ironing room has now become Dad's office.  This is because we have the devil's own job to get stable internet in the den and in the sunroom and the new office is much nearer the router so wifi signal is pretty good.

We go to the Mall once everything has been moved and we are sure that it is working properly - Dad is on quality control so we had to wait for his thumbs up.  We head straight for the food court where I share a Chinese with Dad and John shares a Kentucky with Mum - that way we are all happy.  The Chinese was excellent - we had one portion of Hong Kong Style Chicken which came with egg fried rice for €7.95 and it was more than enough for the two of us especially as I added some chicken satay as a starter.  I haven't had Chinese since we went to that weird place on the dual carriageway for my birthday and this was a million times better.

John took Dad to Costa Coffee whilst Mum and I took a spin around Jumbos which is obligatory if you are in the Mall and then we returned them home as we had arranged to pick up Kenny at 2.00pm.  As it turned out the fan belt needed replacing - we weren't surprised as we had heard the familiar squeal a couple of times recently so we had to kill a little time whilst that was done.  We headed on down to the Cynthiana where we wanted to check out what had been the location for the Undersea Walking that we enjoyed when it was Mark's 50th birthday.

This hotel has been here for years and is right on a rugged bit of coastline where it has fashioned a swimming pool right in the sea which is protected by rocks - it is a lovely place and an unusual setting.  When it was Mark's birthday we assembled here and went on our undersea walk before having lunch.  We walked all the way along the jetty to take a look but the undersea walking has gone - we had heard that it had but have no idea why save that the old jetty which used to have the sheds with the equipment looks to be breaking up so maybe it was no longer safe.  We walked all the way along and back before settling at the beachside bar to invest in shares in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice - I know the location is lovely but really €3.50?

John got his money's worth by sucking the life out of the orange garnish - that was probably a euro's worth on its own!!!  At this rate the cheap visit to the garage for Kenny was going to turn out to be rather more expensive when you tot up lunch in the Mall, Jumbos, Buy-rite or whatever it is called now and the Cynthiana!  The good news was that Kenny was given a clean bill of health and with it a small bill of works.

Back in Droushia we cracked on and by the end of the evening had given the wall another coat and once dry had pushed the furniture roughly back into place.  We will need to see how it looks in good daylight - either that or always have the lamp on because that casts all sorts of shadows so no-one would notice if we had missed a bit!

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