Monday, 31 October 2011

Sunday and the Clocks have Changed...

Since I wrote this Minnie has been rushed to the vets - information will follow as and when I have any - she is currently on a drip.

We woke early and had to go round the house changing the clocks - putting them back an hour.  The usual search for handbooks ensued as we can never remember how to do the weather station and we love the weather station - it fulfils our British preoccupation with the elements!!  You can see that we managed to sort it and at 10.23 this morning the temperature had reached a more than respectable 26.7 degrees!

The plan for today was to give the lounge, dining room and kitchen a good old clean but it was such a beautiful day outside that for the morning at least housework went out the window.  I chose to 'cat sit' Chivers on his morning run in the garden whilst reading my book and breakfasting on coffee and the bite sized cherry filled croissants that we have discovered in Paps - they are yummy and all the nicer for being baked rather than microwaved!!

Eventually we could put it off no longer and the broom and polish called long and hard and we just had to get some cleaning done - it is quite therapeutic when you get down to it (providing you dont get used to it that is!!!).

Today is the last Sunday that Supermarkets remain open because from November 1st they keep winter hours whatever that means!!  John and I shot down to Polis to get something in for lunch as we had decided that we should, for the first time since we arrived, have a proper Sunday lunch. 

I cannot lie we opted for the lazy option and brought a ready cooked rotisserie chicken and roast potatoes from the Prodromi Tavern with frozen Yorkshire Puddings from Orphanides (with very humble apologies to all our Yorkshire relatives and in particular my mother-in-law).  I did do the fresh veggies though and some rather first class gravy and we actually sat down and thoroughly enjoyed it all. 

There is even chicken left over - either for sandwiches or it might be required for a poorly little cat - Minnie has been very very quiet and lethargic today - she is eating and drinking but (apologies) it seems to be going straight through her and Chivers will not leave her alone when she is on the litter tray. 

At the moment John has her tucked up warmly in a blinkey and in the snuggle basket Mum gave us for Chivers.  Chivers has commandered Minnie's own blinkey and will not be moved from it.  Fingers crossed it is just the worming treatment and that she will begin to pick up tomorrow.

It is now late afternoon and we have just had a walk round the garden before we settle down for the evening - I dont know quite what the clock change has done to the wildlife but no sooner had I fished one lizard out of the swimming pool than a second one tried to commit suicide by running into the water!  They are now drying off in the remaining bit of sunshine we have.  The temperature is dropping rapidly and at 4.30pm it is now only 14 degrees outside.

All our Nicosian neighbours have gone home today - long weekend over.  Not sure how often we will see them now as the days are so much shorter.  The only knock we have had for Hallowe'en has been from a visitor in 10a returning the electric fire that we lent them!

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