Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mother's Day

Today, Sunday, it is UK Mothering Sunday and just two days after my birthday - originally we had arranged to meet up with our Stalkers Wendy and Bill on Friday and they were going to stay over and to make up for this we were then going to go out for lunch with Mum and Dad, Jane and John and Lin to Sonny's today. 

Sonny's was one of Dad's most favourite restaurants - he and Mum had their diamond wedding celebrations there three years ago.

The last time John and I were there was at the end of last summer when Kaye came over with Ellie, Jack and Andy and we had such a wonderful time together. Then we had absolutely no idea what this year would hold.  I am so very very grateful that Dad got the opportunity to meet Jack and hopefully Jack might have some recollection of his Great Grandad who loved every minute he spent with him and relished the videos that my sister used to send.

Lunch today was strange without Dad but as we were an even number we did not have an empty place at the table as a reminder - the one comfort is that the owner and staff knew him well so they will always make a fuss of Mum and whenever she visits in the future they will make sure she is ok.  That is a great comfort to us, with the best will in the world, we cannot be with her twenty four hours a day now because at some point in the future we may need to be and if we do it now we have nowhere left to go.

Over the last couple of days at my Mum's house she has been kept company by quite possibly the largest preying mantis I have ever seen.  It must be at least 6 inches long and today was sitting on the front door step.  I have told Mum that I reckon it is Dad come back to keep an eye on her.  Worried that someone might step on him as they came to the front door we moved him to one of the plants outside.  It is good that we are able to talk about Dad and have a bit of a laugh.  Dad didn't take life too seriously.

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