Saturday, 10 March 2018

Returning to normality...

We are all trying to get back to some sort of normality, whatever that is going to be now. 

Today for us it has meant a very quiet day in and around the house.  I say quiet, with Sheffield United putting in what John has described as another 'woeful performance' the air was rather blue in the lounge this afternoon.

I have pottered, I felt incredibly tired last night and went to bed too early really as I woke and was up and about almost before sunrise but it meant I got my washing on early.

A couple of days' ago Mum and I went down to the florists who had done the flowers for Dad's funeral - we wanted to say thank-you for the beautiful job that they did and we wanted to get a 'thank you' gift for Sue who had spoken so eloquently about my Dad as her friend and for Maureen from Angel Guardians who had done everything we wanted to give Dad a good funeral (if there is such a thing).  Anyway whilst we were there they presented us each with a beautiful potted dianthus in a deep purply-red colour. 'I called it my 'daddy flower' as I planned to plant mine in the garden somewhere to remember him by.  He loved gardening and when we lived in Keinton Mandeville all around the village pump that was in the garden we had a border of old fashioned 'pinks' with their distinctive clove smell.  Today I planted my 'daddy flower' in a quiet corner of the garden.  I hope it will survive - they can be finicky as they don't like to be over-watered but then again don't like to dry out.

I have been in contact with Mum several times today via Skype - John's idea as then I can see her as well as hear her.  It worked well except when it interrupted his football viewing.  Dad was John's birthday twin - they were born on the same day although many years apart (obviously) and in many ways they were so very alike, both practical, both sticklers for time and both thoughtful to others unless or until they felt let down by them and then that was IT, no second chances. 

Anyway, John has been a rock for us all over the last couple of weeks even though he had his own emotions to deal with.  I cannot thank him enough for his support, love and patience - he is one in a million and he is my one in a million and I love him very very much.

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