Friday, 9 March 2018

My Birthday...

It is my birthday today but with everything that has happened I haven't felt much like celebrating.  I am tired and there is a lot of sorting to do so that I can make sure Mum is ok - I may have worked in offices all my life but I am no lover of forms.

I am really proud of Mum who had her first night alone last night, we checked in with her and she had taken on board my instruction on how to use the TV and was watching a programme set in Somerset.

This morning she took herself off to have her hair done as she would normally do on a Friday and then went to meet Heather from the Cyprus Kidney Association to hand over the €500+ from the collection made in my father's memory. 

Thank goodness she was around because The Pug decided to play up and start getting hot again so we have relieved her of the Nissan Note.  Bless her she raided Lidl this morning to grab a bag of their Pain au Raisin so that we could all enjoy a cuppa and a cake this afternoon when we called in. 

We managed to catch up with Wendy and Bill for lunch - they had tried unsuccessfully to join us on Tuesday but their car had let them down - what is it with bloody automobiles at the moment?

So to everyone that remembered me on my birthday thank you so much, it is to be a very quiet night in here.

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