Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Ahh sadly we have had a fatality here at Villa 10B as a little bird didn't make it - this one was on the path leading to the road and actually not near a nest as far as I could see - I scooped it up and removed it before the cats and the bugs got to it and then a couple of hours later I came across a second one in almost exactly the same place.  Poor little things - it is exceptionally hot and muggy today so I hope they expired on impact rather than struggled.  The sparrows here are a menace - we seem to have the world's population living in the roof of next door's house but I don't like to see them dead.

I was getting ready for John's return today - I had a list of things to do down in Polis which included dropping off a book for Tanith's Dad and getting a replacement white million bells petunia to replace the one which had shriveled up in one of John's hanging basket things.

Whilst waiting for That Nice Shop to open I took a sneaky peak into The Arches which is another craft co-operative and which has recently been extended and now incorporates the travel agents/gift shop which was next door.  Janet explained that they were still waiting for the adjoining wall to be removed so you will be able to walk the length of the establishment.  I have to say it has been done very nicely and there are so many talented people with their crafts on display - it must be a real haven for holidaymakers looking for a special gift to take back home to visit either one or both of these shops.

I had a parcel that needed to be collected which was Mum's birthday present (it is in May) and it was the complete first five series of Doc Martin which I know can be picked up relatively easily on an Android box but Mum likes to just put a DVD in and press play and watch it all happen without having to select streams.  I also had to restock the cupboards and fridges with John's imminent arrival and the fact that we have visitors at the weekend and I am channeling my inner Old Mother Hubbard currently.

Later I was going down to drop off Dad's book to the ex-RAF and ex-Westland Guy who used to live in the road next to us in Yeovil and then on to John's relatives for dinner with them before going to the airport to collect John from the Manchester flight which I had hoped would get in around 9.10 as it had done on Sunday but which actually didn't get in until nearer 10.00pm.

I had a couple of hours to get the house cleaned and tidied to the max and then I sat down to have a second crack at the portrait Gill has asked me to do - this time I tried with pencils and some crayons and got on a bit better although there is still something not quite capturing the little girl as seen in the original photograph.  It is the mouth and teeth which can take on a quite freaky appearance if I am not careful.

I had also arranged to go and have coffee with Bassam this afternoon at 4.00pm and as I haven't seen him for a while (apart from at the cemetery on Monday) I wanted to make sure I did.  We had a really nice hour together drinking Lebanese coffee with cardamom and discussing his plans for the future which are currently under wraps for public consumption but given time and if they pan out will be revealed.

I handed over Dad's books to a very genuinely happy recipient which was brilliant as that was exactly what Mum wanted.  We stopped and had a chat for a bit about our respective times at Westland and living in Yeovil before we went our separate ways and I then went on to Universal and met up with Gail, Faye and Leo and we went off to Pambis for our evening meal.

The girlies plumped for the slow roast Chinese pork belly with chips and salad and weren't disappointed as it was delicious.

I then moved on to the Airport - when I checked it said the flight would come in at 9.25 but as I have already said it came in much later and although John only had hand luggage it was quite a while before he emerged.

Thankfully the trip home was uneventful unlike the same trip on Sunday and John unpacked most of his stuff and we were planning a good night's sleep but the cat's had other ideas.  Minnie was very poorly during the night - we think she was desperately trying to expel a furball that had become lodged and then for some reason the boys all ended up in a massive fight with one another and a real fight at that - I reckon one or other of them had been protecting Minnie in her hour of need and then got shitty with the others if they had invaded her space - whatever it was that happened we were up in the garden in the wee small hours which we could have done without.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A Busy Day...

I had a busy day ahead of me today - first and foremost I had to take the Pug to the garage to see exactly what the damage (literally) was.  It all started so well when they replaced the spare wheel with the original wheel complete with new tyre - the wheel had obviously not been damaged which was a bonus but then after it had taken four mechanics nearly an hour to try and reposition the spare back up under the car I was told there was a problem.  Initially it was described in Andreas's best Gringlish that it was a problem with the reservoir and I feared the offending piece of scaffolding had hit the underside of the car (which it had) and done some damage to the sump.  However as it was clear we didn't understand one another he rang Savvas the car parts guy who speaks good English and he explained that there was a problem with the bits that secure the tyre underneath and I would have to go to the main Peugeot dealer in Paphos to get it sorted.  John seems to think that there might always have been an issue with it and this was probably the final straw.  It may be expensive to replace but hey-ho such is life.

Gillian had arranged to catch up with me for a coffee at the Droushia Heights Hotel to see how I was doing - it would appear that her previous career which involved a lot of involvement with recently bereaved people has stood her in good stead - she is a kind a patient listener.  It was a glorious day and we chose to sit outside at the Droushia Heights and partake of a frappe whilst we set the world to rights.

She has asked me to see if I can produce a picture of her granddaughter and provided me with a couple of photographs to give me some ideas.  Ideally she would like it in the form of a pencil drawing which is not my normal medium and actually I have never done a portrait so I am a little worried because it is so difficult to capture the essence of someone that you are not familiar with when the recipient will be.

On my return home I took the photographs out to have a look and got my pencils out to just see how they handled.  I started to scribble a sketch on the paperbag which had contained the photographs - not quite on the back of a fag packet but very nearly!

I don't like this first attempt but it has given me ideas as to how I might tackle it for real.  I am going to try several different sketches and see how they progress before starting for real.  This will definitely be a challenge but it would be nice to do it for her as she is such a nice person.

I enjoyed our hour or so together and was back home in time to get freshened up before going out for the afternoon.

For Sheila's 70th birthday (sorry to reveal your age Sheila) back in December Mum and Dad had given her a voucher for afternoon tea for two at the Elysium and the plan back then was that Mum and Dad would join them.  Sadly this was not to be so today I went as Dad's replacement.  When John and I had been for afternoon tea recently the standard was not quite up to scratch as the service was lacking and the whole thing was slightly disappointing so we had hoped today would be better and we should not have worried as it was back to being as good as normal.

As you know I do not normally feature in photographs preferring to be the other side of the camera but Sheila insisted I had my picture taken and was getting to grips with my phone when a kindly and much younger tourist whipped it out of her hands saying it would be quicker for her to do it - we generally agreed that nowadays it would probably be quicker for a five year old to do it as they approach technology with such an air of confidence!  Anyway the resulting picture was ok so here I am about to tackle my first cuppa.

The afternoon tea is terrific value and that selection was just for me as Mum had a special diabetic selection which would have fed a small army.  We none of us could really do the cake selection justice so the remainder was whipped away and boxed up for us to take home.

We went for a wander around after eating - we probably felt we needed a little exercise to shift some of the calories!  I am warming to some of the changes after the recent refurbishment and whilst I like the colours and look and feel of the 'drawing room' I think I preferred it when it was decorated like an old library - having said that I wouldn't mind a couple of the 1930s inspired armchairs for our house.

We discovered a second quieter more secluded pool on our walk today.  I hadn't come across this before and it is lovely and obviously not used as much as the main pool complex but possibly because at this time of year the pool gets covered in shade pretty early because it is well sunken down below the surrounding walls.

It really is a beautiful hotel complex and on approaching it from the outside you would have no idea just how vast it is and the grounds that it covers.  It was getting near 6.00pm when we finally made our way back home.  The sky was still cloudless and it was exceptionally warm - who would have thought it was April?  There is some rain forecast this weekend - probably up in the hills our way but looking at the sky today that was hard to believe.

I had to do some emergency watering this evening as a couple of plants in the hanging baskets looked decidedly worse for wear and our severely reduced water pressure made that quite difficult.

We had a lovely afternoon, such a shame Dad didn't make it but I am sure he was with us in spirit.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Home alone...

Today was to be my Macaulay Culkin day i.e. Home Alone.  I had a better night's sleep but then it couldn't really have been any worse than the night before and got up ready to tackle the day, the cleaning, the ironing and the gardening.

No offence to anyone but I was really rather glad to the day to myself, there was so much I wanted to do and I was still niggled about the car accident and still none the wiser as to how much it was all going to cost.  John returns late on Thursday night and we have Nicky and Mark coming to stay for the weekend so I wanted to make sure that the house got a really good clean rather than a lick and a promise which is all time has allowed recently.

 I never know whether visitors will feel cool up here at night - I have to say for the last couple of nights I have been boiling - we have a sheet and a throw and even that is proving too much.  When I came to investigate the guest bed I found that the winter weight duvet was still on along with two throws so that was going to be way to hot for anyone.  Without John here I struggle to reach to put things away for the Summer so was left with the conundrum of what to do with the duvet as I wanted to make the bed up in readiness.  Eventually I decided to adopt the Princess and the Pea methodology and put it on top of our mattress so that I now need steps to get to bed.  This is only a temporary measure but allowed me to get the guest bedroom ready, clean and cat free.  Channeling my inner Cypriot I got the mop out and gave the floors a good going over and then actually did something I never do but slooshed down the pathway to our frontdoor as it was so full of leaves, and everytime I swept them the wind had another idea, that I gave in and blasted it all out into the road.

It is satisfying when the house it clean but the cats are in a constant state of high alert as I shriek at them NOT THERE when they try and make themselves comfortable - they spent most of the day hovering an inch above the sofas so as not to cover them in their fur.  God knows where all the dust comes from - I hoover every day and I hoovered and mopped and then hoovered a second time today but by this evening the dust had taken up residence again.

When I was at Sheila's yesterday there was a fabulous scent of jasmine around the house from sprigs she had picked and put in water in readiness for their viewing.  It was a brilliant way of getting a nice natural smell into the room and so I picked some to place in a vase in the lounge and another in the spare room so that the perfume could permeate the air a much nicer way than using a synthetic freshener.  It was hard work and I was exhausted but the house looked lovely by the time I had finished and that combined with the empty ironing basket gave me a huge sense of satisfaction - it wont last long but it was nice while it lasted.

I spent several hours in the garden cutting things back - the things that I could reach although I don't think John would have been impressed to see me standing on the stone wall to get to grips with the orange flowering plant that hides our barbeque stowage.  Needs must as they say!  Everything got as much of a snipping as I could manage but as a result the bay tree looks odd as I could only reach the sides and will need John to give it back its former flat top hairstyle.

For the third evening running I had to content with the beetles swarming and going swimming en masse in the pool - it really is extremely irritating that I get it looking lovely and then they come back and God only knows where they are coming from as no-one else seems to have them.  We no longer have beige grouting between the pool tiles - it looks black as a thousand million dead beetle bodies are in their final resting place - this is one for John to sort out.

Sunday, 22 April 2018


I didn't sleep well - the whole tyregate thing was playing on my mind so I got up early to survey the damage in daylight.  The tyre was shredded and I am not sure whether or not the wheel itself will be ok as I had driven on it for a while to get to safety.  I started the car and got no warning lights and couldn't see that there was a pool of fluid in underneath so hope that the wheel is the limit of the damage.

I passed by Savvas the tyreman's house but no-one was in so decided to speak to Marianna in the Community Office as her husband runs the garage where we take the cars if there is a problem.  Her English is pretty good so with the help of the photograph she called the garage and said someone would come straight away.  I went back to the Pug and waited.  Marianna's son-in-law arrived and obviously didn't think it was going to be a long job as he left the engine of his battered pickup running but then Klaus commented that maybe he did that in case the ancient beast wouldn't start again.  This guy is also called Savvas and his command of English is about the same as my command of Cypriot (how I wish I could converse more fluently) so we were like the blind leading the blind.  He removed the old wheel but then had enormous trouble removing the spare which is located on the underside of the Pug - when it dropped it nearly hit him in the face as he was lying in underneath it.  He put that wheel on and then we exchanged a few confused words and I decided it would be better if I rang Marianna and he agreed - the upshot was that I was to take the car to the garage on Wednesday for them to swap the spare but whether or not I have to have a new tyre and wheel is a mystery to me.  Time will tell.

I eventually got to Art and I was so pleased because I haven't been for a while and what with one thing and another this picture has taken me forever.  There is a week left for it to be finished and then I will need to start something new.  It was lovely to be with Klaus and Sheila and we are all together again on Wednesday when we are partaking of Afternoon Tea at the Elysium.  I had everything crossed for them as they had a viewing of their bungalow later this afternoon - the last one got cancelled which is just so irritating when you get yourself all geared up.

Bassam was at the cemetery - he has been fashioning a headstone for Elena's grave and it is so her.  He said he doesn't think she likes it because as fast as he erected it, it would lean over - I said she was just playing games with him.  He said he had been chatting to Dad but feared that Dad didn't understand his Lebanese.  We spent a companionable half an hour or so sat at Elena's side discussing life, death and the universe.  Bassam is such a lovely man and I know that when he has completed his work it will be stunning and completely different to anything else - that was surely Elena to a tea.  I am going to have coffee with him on Thursday, Elena's mum is here so we can get her to make some Finnish coffee for us.

I walked down to retrieve the Pug - it was hot but the route is all downhill so easy walking and the views are spectacular.  The Pug was there and I drove it back home without any problem so there doesn't seem to be any undiscovered issues at least I hope so.  John keeps doing the 'don't worry it is only a car' speech but I am so pissed off that I failed to avoid that bloody lump of metal in the road.

I have been saying how hot it is at the moment so here is a photograph of the temperature in the car when I went to get it back from Kellys - it had been in the shade but inside was sweltering - tomorrow is set to be the same - this is good news for the visitors who have come for the sun - I just hope they realise how strong it is at this time of the year - I have seen so many puffy pink tourists over the last couple of days who have overdone it and probably without meaning to.

I have been trying to clear out some of our cupboards whilst John is away and in my wardrobe I had stored some books of my Dad's which Mum just didn't want to throw away or give to a charity shop to gather dust.  They were very specialist so I was holding out much hope but took a photograph and advertised them on one of the local buy/sell sites only to be contacted by two people who had links with Westland and one of whom used to live just round the corner from us in Yeovil but like us has now retired to Cyprus.  They will be going to an appreciative home which I know will please Mum.

With the weather so hot and dry I am having to do a lot of watering to make sure that things survive.  There has been on failure already in a hanging pot so I need to get a replacement white million bells to replace it.

It never fails to amaze me that flowers spring up in the garden and I have no idea how they get there.  Obviously birds drop seeds and the annuals reseed each year but today I have come across what looks to be a sweet pea and I have absolutely no idea how that got to be where it is growing and it has thrived without any care and attention whatsoever.  I do like plants like that!

Tomorrow I have earmarked as a cleaning day, John is home on Thursday and we have friends staying at the weekend and the dust is now settling on old dust.  I have given my pickleball place up to Liz so that she gets a game so I have the whole day to crack out all of my chores and then I have been invited to dinner with my neighbours which is to be peas, artichokes and meatballs - I wonder if she has been in cahoots with my mum's neighbour Effie!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

It is Sunday and we are having a change from the norm as it would be my turn to go to Mum's but I have a late airport run to pick up John's relations and take them to Universal where they are staying for a week so I didn't really want to go down to Paphos twice in one day.  Mum was coming up and I had booked to go to Steni for lunch (not realising the Farmers' Market would be on).

It is exceptionally hot today - even here in Droushia where the weather station tells me that we are experiencing above average temperatures and this is with the sensor situated in the shade.  Not a morning to be ironing but I wanted to get it out of the way before Mum arrived.

Last night we had our annual beetle invasion when thousands the size of a pinhead decide to commit hari-kari in the swimming pool which I have been so careful to keep clean - I couldn't go out and skim whilst they were still flying as they got in my hair and my ears and down my neck.  I have no idea where they come from and they seem to be contained in our garden as my neighbours didn't have the same problem.  I am not sure if it is the olive tree that houses them - whatever it is, it is a bloody nuisance.  I left a float in the pool as a liferaft and many of them clambered aboard and then flew off thankfully so by this morning there were less to contend with.

Mum arrived safe and sound, looking lovely as always and I decided we would drive the Steni via the scenic route going through Kritou Tera and out the back, past the lovely church in the middle of nowhere and onto the other road which leads to Polis and then up the hill to Steni.

It was a glorious drive and the island is looking beautiful but with this very hot weather that will only last a little while longer and then everywhere will be brown and dusty.

We have not been to Steni Watermill Cafe for a while and so hadn't realised that you can no longer drive along the back of the Cafe to the large carpark.  This has made it much more pleasant to sit outside the back of the Cafe as you do not have cars trundling past you.

I was so glad I had booked because, it being a market day, the Cafe was packed (not that it isn't normally).  We had our little table for two inside which is good for Mum as she feels the cold.  We decided upon a half portion of their famous spare ribs each together with a drink.  A half portion turned out to be a pretty full sized plate of food for Mum and I and they were lovely.  We had added a portion of coleslaw which turned out to be unnecessary as it happens and not as good as I make according to Mum - I had the bonus of her onion rings!  Our lunch came to the princely sum of €16.50 total!!!!  Apart from the fact that we had the misfortune to sit next to two of the moaniest Ex-Pats you could meet we had a nice lunch but can someone explain to me how living here without registering makes you any less of an illegal immigrant?  This is a hobby horse of mine - I hate the fact that Brits abroad seem to think that local rules and regulations don't apply to them and then they moan about the foreigners living in the UK taking jobs and using the NHS - anyway it transpired that these people were going 'back home' after nearly 30 years on the island - I think it is telling when people refer to the UK as home even though they have left it - to me it means they have never really embraced the island and that is a real shame and gives us a bad name (rant over).

We had a quick wander around the market before it closed.  I bought John some fresh pecans because I know he loves them although unfortunately these were not shelled like the last ones I got.  We then decided to make our way back to Villa 10B for an afternoon cuppa sat outside in the shade of the gazebo putting the world to rights and just enjoying a quiet and warm afternoon together.  Mum left around 4ish - a good time to get home safely.

I had time to kill before I needed to set off for the airport so sat in the conservatory to do my blog but my concentration was interrupted by what sounded like a cat in distress.  Our four were all in lounging around so I didn't need to worry it was one of them but I don't like to think of an animal being injured so went out to investigate - it was only as I was leaving the estate that I realised it was the sound of Savvas's peacock screeching periodically.

The sun went down like a ball of flames - it heralds another nice day tomorrow which is good for the visitors even though reports seem to indicate that the UK will be having something of a heatwave next week.

My trip down to the airport was uneventful and in arrivals I had the pleasure of the company of Andreas Senior from C&A apartments who was waiting for the Gatwick flight and was then to take three people to Limassol.  I was waiting for the Manchester flight which came in a bit early and Gail, Faye and Leo were not too long getting through.  I got them to their accommodation in Universal and set off back home.

Unfortunately as I was approaching Arodes the two cars in front of me veered sharply across the road to avoid something but I couldn't see it and so veered too late.  Before impact I thought it was a hedgehog but the enormous bang that ensued told me it was not and I feared for the car.  I stopped to see what it was and it was a huge piece of metal like a knuckle that fixes two pieces of scaffolding that had obviously fallen off of a wagon.  I was going to retrieve it from the road but another car was coming so couldn't.

As I set off the car seemed ok and then there was a dreadful noise and the steering was going wonky.  It was all very scary and that stretch of the road has no lighting.  I only had the light from my phone and couldn't really see what had happened - there had been no emergency lights come on the car so I thought I was a puncture and I was right.  Although I didn't want to continue it was not a safe place for me to stop and there was nowhere to put the car to safety to I limped on to the edge of Droushia - normally these things don't bother me but just at the moment this was about the last straw.  I managed to pull up outside Kelly's just as her son was returning home and he got me to get the car safely off of the road and then suggested I ring the guy from the village who supplies our tyres in the morning.  The only trouble is I know that Savvas doesn't speak great English - it is a darn sight better than my Greek but I knew I wouldn't have the strength to phone him and decided to go to his house first thing in the morning.  I knew Rob would be up even though it was late so rang him to give me a lift up the hill - I could have walked it but it was pitch black and I was feeling a bit shaken by the whole experience and I was convinced that there may be further damage to the underside of the car.  Di and Rob came for me and Rob had a quick look round but couldn't see anything.  The tyre was completely shredded and I suspect that the wheel (an alloy unfortunately) was probably no longer round and would need replacing.  I was gutted - actually beyond gutted.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Shopping with Mum

I was up early this morning - it was the beginning of what was to be a glorious day.  Although I would not normally see Mum on a Saturday things are a bit different at the moment and with John away I thought it would be nice to take her out around the Old Town and then for some lunch.

We set off and parked up near the opticians which gave us a chance to walk in through the Next Outlet for a mooch.  I have been looking for some cropped trousers which are straight legged so that I don't end up looking like Don Estelle from It Ain't Half Hot Mum - this has proved difficult because I wasn't blessed with legs that are in proportion to my body.  However, Mum spotted a pair of lightweight soft jeans which fitted the bill exactly except they weren't in what I thought would have been my size but they were perfect and at only 10 euros a bargain.  We decided to walk down to the Market to see if we could find old friends John and Rula who used to run a linen and jewelry stall but not having been to the market since its refurbishment wandered round and round until we decided that the area where they used to be had been completely rebuilt and their stall was no longer in evidence - it was a shame as we had hoped to let them know about Dad.  Still it was not to be and we will have to try and find them some other way.

Huge areas of the Old Town around the Market have been smartened up and the shops which were so affected by the road closures have started to fill again and it is bright and clean and pleasant to walk around but every other shop seems to be a craft shop and you have to wonder how many can be sustained by the apparent limited footfall in the area.

I am sure for the short term visitor this is a great place to while away a couple of hours but I am guessing rents are high and you would need to sell a lot of stuff to start to make a profit.  We headed for old man Gregory's watch shop for him to fit a battery into Mum's watch - it only seems five minutes ago when Mum and I were in there choosing a watch for Dad for Christmas.

If you scratch beneath the surface you will see that there are still many buildings in need of some major refurbishment if they are not to disappear completely.  It would be a shame to completely lose the character of this area but I guess money can only stretch so far and then there is the age old question of who actually owns these buildings.  On the whole though I think they have done well - Mum said she wondered what visitors think to what has been achieved so far and I guess there will be some of us who loved the old run-down ramshackle almost Middle Eastern feel to the Market and its surrounding areas and others who will be more appreciative of the updates.

There are some little hidden gems if you know where to find them and plenty of coffee shops and cafes for the thirsty visitor.  We chose to have a cup of tea at Boo-Tea-Licious because throughout all the upheaval Kathryn continued to trade when everything around her was a complete shambles and it must have been so disheartening.  We were greeted like old friends by her and her daughter Simone (Swifty as we call her) who is a firm favourite of Rob's as she appears on the local radio channel Rock FM.  We only had a drink because I had planned to take Mum to Let Them Eat Cake (if I could find it) as it had been recommended to me by Elena Savvides and during the road changes we had failed miserably to find it.

We headed towards Kennedy Square on the lookout for our lunch venue and eventually found it but were in the car and so needed to find somewhere to park - had we known there was parking right next to it but we were on the wrong bit of road (it is on a corner) and had to do a circuit which involved negotiating a street where even Mum and I breathed in because the parking made it exceptionally tight.  We managed to park up and walk - this area has also been refurbished and is really lovely with some beautiful street cafes and interesting buildings with almost a Venetian feel to them.

It was a such a crystal clear light and bright day that everything looked sparkly white but even though it was lunchtime there were very few people in this area.  We managed to park up at a meter which only allowed you to stay for an hour but we thought this would be fine for a sandwich and a drink.

I had read about the lovely garden at the back of Let Them Eat Cake and so decided to walk through and sit there.  Unfortunately our experience was somewhat spoiled by the poor service as we had to wait almost 45 minutes before our food arrived which necessitated a quick trip to the parking meter because although we were told that no-one checks them this is me we are talking about and I had visions of it ending up being a very expensive lunch.  Apparently the waitress should have told us at the outset that there would be a wait but she didn't!  The food we had, when it arrived, was quite nice but I asked for no rocket for Mum and the salad which accompanied her croissant was 90% rocket!  Oh well you can't win them all.

Back in England John had a great day (apart from the disappointing draw) because when he got to Brammall Lane he did so at the same time as the players arriving and he managed to get photographs with them including this one of the captain Billy Sharp.  It was pure luck but it made his day!   He was off to an unofficial school reunion this evening and I know he was really looking forward to it - this will be the third one he has managed to organise and he always has a good time.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Lovely weather

This is what sunrise looks like in Droushia at the moment - this is about 6.45am and it heralds another beautiful day and it is only the second week of April.  It is incredibly warm for this time of year so warm it feels like Summer.  I can remember coming to April with my friend Hilary several years ago and we dodged the showers and chased the sun and when we moved over and our furniture arrived in June we had rain!  The island is going to suffer for water this year at this rate.

I saw my first Roller today too, this seems incredibly early - I reckon we will hear the unmistakable sound of Bee Eaters soon.  I hope John is enjoying some better weather in the UK.  I know he will hope for a fine day tomorrow when he goes to watch the Blades play!

The cats seem to be finding it warm as they are retreating to the bedrooms where it is cooler.  Boris has become my shadow - he seems to realise that John is not around so he comes onto bed with me at night and lies down my side so that I do not feel alone bless him - he does not realise that after 27 years of John being away in the Navy a couple of nights alone isn't normally too difficult but I appreciate his cuddles none the less.

Pickleball was good today - just five of us and we had some mammoth games - poor mum had to sit out one where we had deuce after deuce after deuce but we all enjoyed ourselves and afterwards Di and I went back with Mum to have a cuppa and a biscuit with her before returning to Droushia.

I had been invited out for supper with our neighbours and we were going to Fitos.  I am so glad that I booked a table because, even though we went early, it was packed.  The evening did not quite turn out as planned because Argy's brother and sister-in-law pitched up unexpectedly and they are not on the best of terms so it was a little awkward to say the least.  It didn't detract from the food which was good and although there was only Fitos and his son serving they did really well.

Early start tomorrow as I have arranged to take Mum out in the morning and then for a spot of lunch.