Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Friday - a difficult reunion

The barbequed beef ribs are put on hold tonight as we have arranged to go down to C&A apartments for dinner.  Janet was keen to do so and with Eva going away to Crete for a few days next week this was the only opportunity.  More food - the washing machine begins to sing to me again but then John reminds me it is a self service buffet and I can take as much, or as little, as I want even though Eva is an even worse feeder than John.

We had pickleball this afternoon and left John's mum up in Droushia with the iron and the ironing board and go and play.  Mum is suffering a bit with sciatica and Liselotte has her aunt and uncle staying so comes for a while and then takes them to have a look around Paphos Old Town.  Di, John, John and I get very hot running around the court until Marios points out that we have forgotten to open the windows - DUH!

I am hopeful I may have found a prospective new player for Thursdays - fingers crossed as this person ticks all the boxes, young and male - we are lacking young and male players!

So after a quick shit shave and shower (naval terminology for a quick turn round) we made our way down to Polis for our dinner.  We knew this was going to be emotional for Janet but with the help of the family and some guests which she knew from previous stays it was made easier than it might otherwise have been.  Tina and Johnny from Denmark had returned this year having been absent last year - they were amongst the first people that Janet and Hadge made friends with.

I have no idea what Janet is discussing with Eva - or maybe she was dancing the hokey cokey I am not sure!  Eva, Old Andreas, Young Andreas, Nitsa, Chris and Chris made us very very welcome.  Sadly Charoulla had developed a migraine and had retired to bed and Demitri felt unable to face seeing Janet.  He has his own issues and it was best not to force him.  Nitsa has been so very unwell over the last 2 years that it was a real delight to see her out and about and to spend some time in her company.

If you ever think life has dealt you a bad hand take a long hard look at yourself and then take a look at Eve's family with all their illnesses and disabilities.  John is talking to Nitsa's husband Chris - a lovely guy who has completely lost his sight over the last year or so - he used to do the airport pick-ups for the apartments until he had some sort of accident and fell face down pushing his glasses into his eyes and from then on his sight deteriorated until nothing, you would not know save for his white stick and the fact that he asks who you are and where you are sitting so he can converse with you face to face as if he was seeing you.

We were made to feel like an extension of their remarkable family.  John and I will keep in touch - it is easier to wander down and have a coffee in the winter when they are not so busy with paying guests.  Janet will no doubt wish to return the next time she is over.  This was a big milestone but so worth making the effort.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Thursday - Last Castle

Today John and I went our separate ways with John taking his Mum out for the day and me meeting up with my cousin and his wife and going to one of our most favourite places The Last Castle with Mum and Dad.

We are nowhere near the end of visitors - this happens sometime towards the end of October and my mind and body are flagging.  The washing machine is sending me subliminal messages - it does a funny spin cycle thing where it spins in one direction and then the other then agitates - at this point it makes a noise like it is calling to you - sometimes it seems to say "eat me eat me eat me" but today it sounds more like "kill me kill me kill me"  I wonder what this means?  I cannot dwell on it for long as I have to be off and out and down to the Alexander the Great to pick up said cousin and wife and then squeeze Mum and Dad into Kenny as the road to the Last Castle (Viklari) is about as rough as I have ever known it (having been there only last week with John's family).

We made it up the hill with a few ooos and aaaahs as we traversed the massive ruts and eventually ended up in the car park.  We had been allocated a table with a view - further down the restaurant than last week but still a lovely spot.  I had warned Cheryl that it was breezy up there and to take a cardi just in case - this is so typical of someone living in Droushia!!!  However, had it been the weather of yesterday she would have thanked me as the wind had a real chill about it.  Today however the breeze was a warm one and she clearly thought I was a nutter!

I had not ordered the Fasoulia which I love there - it is a sort of giant butter bean dish that resembles baked beans on steroids but without the tomato sauce.  I asked if there was a vegetarian option and was delighted when they brought a green lentil dish - I haven't had it in ages and remember the first time I sampled it when I was taken into the kitchens at the old place in Paphos where we used to eat (Andreas's - now being done up).  The vast hunks of pork and chicken beat the other four and so Cheryl took a piece of chicken for the local hotel cat which she has taken a shine to and I take the pork which I intend to put in with the beef ribs which I have planned for tea tomorrow.  The thought of more food makes me feel weak - I now realise why the washing machine was speaking to me - my big fat bloated belly is going to explode soon if we continue eating like this.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo the bee eaters are back and that can only mean one thing - Summer is on it's way out as they are now migrating back from wherever it is that they spend their summers.  Their arrival earlier in the year with their very distinctive sound heralds the beginning of summer and their reappearance heralds the end - the village children are returning back to school after their mammoth three month break and the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler.  I was only saying to someone the other day I was looking forward to the Winter and snuggling up on the sofa watching a film, with the log burner burning and something bubbling away in the slow cooker - I should be careful what I wish for as it will come sooner than we think!

For some reason I failed to take any photographs today - I think it was because it was somewhat chaotic.  Laura and Mark had to check out of the Spa at 11.00 but weren't flying until about 10.00pm from Paphos so we had told them to come here to spend the remainder of the day and freshen up before returning to the UK.

My cousin Nick and his wife Cheryl had hired a car and wanted to come and see where we lived as Nick's mum and dad, my Aunty Joyce and Uncle David always come and stay with us when they are over (which they will be at the end of the month).  Although I had given them instructions to head to Kathikas and ring us from there so that I could shoot out and find them they somehow managed to find their way into Arodes although they thought they were in Inea!  John went out to find them and brought them back to ours.

Laura and Mark had very kindly brought John a birthday cake and a selection of other cakes from the lovely bakery in Prodromi last night and we all sat round the table under the vine to try and eat up the remainder but failed miserably so there is still a mountain of confectionery left in the fridge which we will have to share round the estate!

We got the map out and suggested that Nick and Cheryl would enjoy the drive along the coast from Polis to Pachyammos to see the wonderful church and take in the harbour at Pomos on the way back.  Thankfully this time they managed to negotiate their way successfully and get back!

Mark and John shot down to Paphos for Mark to get his I-phone Screen replaced having juggled it at the beginning of the holiday and found it didn't bounce.  They returned in time for Laura to have a shower and pack up their things before they went down to Mandria for something to eat before dropping off the hire car and heading for the airport.  Their visit seems to have been so very brief - it was a joy to have seen them and I have a sneaky feeling they will be back again next year.

Days and meals are merging into a messy blur so I have no idea what we ate for tea but I seem to think it was cold so we sat indoors.  It had been a much much cooler day and very windy.  I do remember we had an early night though.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Special times....

It is TODAY - John's 50th - but readers will know my blog is a few days behind real time so for a full report you will have to wait - here he is 4 years ago at Mark Kirby's party - 4 years of training...

Friday, 15 September 2017

coming and going...

We are in a period of comings and goings and for those people who are only here for a week, or what is left of it after taking out the flights and transfers etc, that week flies by.  Laura and Mark go home tomorrow and it feels like only yesterday when they arrived.

For their last night we had invited them for a meal at our place which was a sort of meze/barbeque fusion which we managed to eat outside before the evening turned really, really cool and we had to admit defeat and retire to the conservatory.   I know that visitors don't believe it gets cold here but Droushia means cool breeze and tonight it lived up to its name.

It was nice to be able to introduce Rob and Di to Laura and Mark so now each will know who we are talking about.  Di and Rob have visitors arriving tomorrow - the NCSOB's are making a return trip to the same villa they stayed in last time on the edge of Latchi.  It is going to be a busy time with John's birthday approaching and Jane and John arriving for that.

Fortunately today we managed to secure some accommodation for my sister and her family.  It is only a stone's throw from Mum and Dad's old house so very conveniently situated and is in a little complex with a pool which is a bonus and the price was excellent - €250 for a week?????  We shall definitely keep this place in mind for future visitors wishing to stay down that end of the island.  Big thanks to Helen Caplan who answered my shout out and put me in touch with Dermot.

Thursday, 14 September 2017


I will have to apologise long and hard to my mother-in-law Janet for posting this photograph but this is what relaxation looks like Droushia style.

We are having a couple more days of the exceptionally hot weather for September and then I think I may even have seen a bit of rain forecast.

The pool looks lovely and although we are firmly into the 'it's lovely once you get in' territory it is lovely when you get in it just takes a little time for us females to get beyond the waist area and fully submerged!  Thank goodness for noodles and thank goodness for those little joining bits that we got in Jumbos.  Janet is safe and sound!

Boris had his own method of relaxing this morning - he was sound asleep on our bed with his favourite blinky pulled over his eyes!  Bless him he looked so comfy and cute I just gently removed his claw from the knitting and left him to it.

It is the beginning of a new week and Janet is happy for us to continue with our regular commitments as much as possible so I was going to art at Sheila and Klaus's and staying for lunch and John and his mum were off down to Polis.

I was going to walk down to Sheila's but was hoping to call in and see Laura and Mark at the spa so drove.  I got a phone call from Laura asking if I had any anti-histamines as she was suffering with prickly heat - I didn't so directed her to a chemist in Polis and she said she and Mark would go out and investigate so I knew they wouldn't be there when I finished art.

I felt like a child going back to school after the summer break as I had a new school bag courtesy of my mum in law.  It is perfect for taking my work backwards and forwards.  Sheila is still working on her Madonna and Child with lamb picture and Klaus was busy working on his gourds as he has successfully sold quite a few in the last week and got some commissions I think.

I am currently unconvinced about my latest project - the wood of the table is difficult and so for a change I have moved on to doing the hyacinth which is in the vase - this is causing me issues to so Sheila was subjected to a lot of huffing and puffing from my direction.  I am hoping that as the flower develops it will pull the whole picture together.

I had a call from Laura mid afternoon to say they were back and we all went down to the Spa to join them around the pool for a drink.  The spa is now practically empty - they don't mind as they have this lovely venue almost to themselves but one has to wonder how this can possibly survive like this.  It is so empty that there are very very few staff around and the restaurant is closed after 4.00pm!

We spent a pleasant hour or so sat under the shade having a drink before we had to leave.  I am well and truly back to school as belly dancing recommences today and Laura was coming with me to give it a go.  Di was bringing her neighbour Sally and Cara and Lynda pitched up so it was worth Sofi's while staying on after the smelly children had had ballet.

Sofi has videod our routine for our homework - OMG it is clear that the excesses of weeks of having visitors has taken its toll on my bingo wings and waistline - I am really going to have to exercise and exercise some restraint over the winter and I can't see that happening!!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


A short post today as we said goodbye to the majority of the family.  Janice, Mick, Nathan and Alicia have the red-eye flight from Paphos to East Midlands which thankfully was on time.  It is going to be strange without them just down the road but they are going to be replaced by yet more visitors as we have two lots of friends arriving shortly and my sister and family are coming over at the end of September along with my aunt and uncle.  We will schedule in a brief rest around the 5th November between 10.30 and 10.31!